Careers in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a leading city for creatives—and with good reason. Alumni head there after graduation for far more than just the California sunshine. Living among a tremendous number of entertainment industry employers and colleagues is a big draw, as is having the support of a robust local Berklee alumni network.

The city is home to some of the industry’s earliest and best-known record labels, including Capitol Records, A&M Records, and Warner Bros. Records (as well as Rhino Records, a leader in the still-strong reissue boom). Blanketed with myriad venues and performance spaces, the city is home to Jacob Jonas the Company, the Los Angeles Ballet, and the up-and-coming BODYTRAFFIC.

In Hollywood’s film studios, there is a holistic and endless need for those trained in various arts, including theater, dance, music, and technology. A wide array of artists and technicians—including actors, directors, dancers, choreographers, film scorers, songwriters, sound designers, sound engineers, studio musicians, and performers—are responsible for making the film industry work. Alumni can cut their teeth and advance their careers in the city’s thriving scene. 

Career Roles