Global Groove

For musicians, hearing is the primary sense with which we capture and gauge the quality of the moment. But our senses of touch and of sight run a close second. For this edition of the Global Groove column, I've included images from various Berklee international events over the past several months. Check out Berklee staff, faculty, and members of the international music community.

-Jason Camelio

From the left: Berklee faculty members Sean Skeete and Nancy Morris, Leonidas Arniakos (director of Philippos Nakas Conservatory), and Berklee staff member Tod Oliviere at the Temple of Poseidon in Soúnio, Greece. A team from Berklee conducted concerts, clinics, and auditions at locations in Athens and Thessaloniki, Greece.   Greg Badolato (saxophone) and Paul Del Nero (bass) perform at a showcase at Cafe del Conservatori with pianist Iñaki Sandoval '03, the director of jazz studies at L'Aula de Música Moderna y Jazz, during a visit to the Conservatori del Liceu in Barcelona, Spain.
Philippos Nakas Conservatory   Conservatori del Liceu
From the left: Guitarist Lupa Santiago '98, bassist Bruno Råberg, drummer Carlos Ezequiel '99, and saxophonist Jim Odgren perform at a concert uniting faculty members from Berklee and Conservatório Musical Souza Lima in São Paulo, Brazil.   From the left: Alice Jae Hee Choy, Seung-jin Ahn, Jung-bae Kim '00, Hong-sub Song, Don Gorder, Min-young Ahn, Eun-chang Choi, So-young Kim, and Jiwon Hwang participated in a November 2010 music business panel discussion at Seoul Jazz Academy in Seoul, South Korea.
Mark Campbell   Seoul Jazz Academy
Edward Fernbach (left), an assistant at the Jazz and Rock Schulen Freiburg, and Berklee student Charlie McCanless '12 prepare for Thanksgiving dinner with members of the Berklee semester-abroad program at the Jazz and Rock Schulen Freiburg in Germany.   From the left: Jung-bae Kim '00, the international department chief at the Seoul Jazz Academy, Don Gorder, Berklee's chair of music business/management, and Jason Camelio performing at a Singers' Showcase in Seoul.
Jazz and Rock Schulen Freiburg   Seoul Jazz Academy