Alumni Beat

  From the left: Berklee's Alumni Affairs team members Karen Bell, Emily Dufresne, Mark Small, and Brian Grzelak
  Phil Farnsworth
  From the left: Tony Kofi '89, Richard Day '85, and Greg Badolato pause after an alumni jam session at the Wine Wharf in London, England on April 15
  Mark Small
  Donald Harrison '81 (at the piano) and a band featuring alumni and Berklee City Music Network students played for the launch of the Berklee New Orleans Alumni Chapter on May 11 at Tipitina's in the Crescent City
  Karen Bell



The various summer programs at Berklee offer many young students an introduction to the college. Consequently during this time of year the campus has a youthful energy, which is compelling for alumni who stop by to get reacquainted with our expanding campus. During a visit with an alumna at our new alumni office at 146 Massachusetts Avenue, I was asked, "What do you and other members of the Office of Alumni Affairs do?" I realized that some members of the alumni community know little about the work of their Alumni Affairs team and our roles. So let me introduce the team.

As the director of alumni affairs, I work with a team that advocates for the alumni community and administers programs and services that foster connections between alumni and the college and members of the music industry.

Mark Small '73 is the managing editor of Berklee today. His varied responsibilities for the magazine include selecting content, conducting interviews and photo shoots, and editing all content as well as working up the preliminary layout for each issue.

Brian Grzelak is the alumni officer for systems. His responsibilities include handling promotional efforts for alumni events. He also arranges the details for the majority of the 60 or so annual alumni events we sponsor worldwide.

Emily Dufresne is the alumni affairs officer for volunteers. She manages our alumni chapter leaders program, giving guidance to those who volunteer as chapter leaders in our various chapter locations.

Chapters are based in music-industry hot spots and in locations where large numbers of alumni reside. We regularly sponsor events in our U.S. and international chapters.

The Berklee London Alumni Chapter held a January reception and an April jam session featuring Assistant Vice President for International Programs and former faculty member Greg Badolato. Rhode Island-area alumni held their first reception on April 14. On May 11, New Orleans alumni assembled at Tipitina's for a reception, performance, and jam session by students of the Berklee City Music Network, whose efforts in New Orleans are led by alumnus Donald Harrison '81.

Thanks to all who submitted applications for the 2010 Berklee Alumni Grant Program. Recipients will be announced in the fall issue of Berklee today. Also start considering candidates for the Distinguished Alumni Awards. In the fall, we will begin tallying nominations. For the latest happenings in the alumni community and at Berklee, visit

As always, take care.

Karen Bell, '90
Director of Alumni Affairs