Peter Alhadeff

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  • Career Highlights
    • D.Phil., University of Oxford
    • Associate editor of Musico Pro magazine; former Spanish editor of Recording magazine
    • Author of Algebra de Vectores y Matrices and various articles on economic development
    • Former faculty member at the Di Tella Institute and the universities of Buenos Aires and London
    • Contributor, Grammy Latino magazine

In Their Own Words

"We are a cutting-edge department with a frontier kind of presence in the industry. All of the faculty are well informed on current developments. We bring that into the classroom and mix that with the content you need to know if you want to work in the business. You need to know about legal aspects, business start-ups, and have a very keen eye on where technology change is taking the business."

"Our curriculum adjusts more quickly than in many other places. In our major, we phase courses in very quickly. In the next six months or so, we'll start a class called Marketing with Soundscan, based on our ability to use Soundscan in the classroom. This will enable our students to do real-time marketing plans for artists as they release records. We will be able to keep track of sales in different parts nationally and hopefully advise labels. It will make Berklee and our major a focus group for the industry."

"There's an entrepreneurial aspect to learning that wasn't there ten years ago, because the business is in flux and it's being invented as we speak. You still need the quantitative skills, you still need communication and written skills. What you need now in addition to that is to have a very flexible attitude toward learning. And to stay current with events."