Berklee awards more than $47 million annually in institutional scholarships and grants to entering and continuing students. Approximately 40 percent of entering students are awarded institutional aid, with an average award to entering students that is approximately 40 percent of tuition.


All applicants to the college's full-time degree or diploma programs will be automatically considered for scholarships through our admissions process.  International students are eligible for merit-based scholarships.  Berklee does not offer need-based funding for entering international students.


Each year, Berklee conducts live auditions and interviews in Boston and around the world for students pursuing their dream of studying at the college. Scholarship decisions for accepted, full-time applicants are issued along with admissions decisions.

Berklee Merit-Based Scholarships

The majority of awards are partial-tuition awards, including many endowed scholarships. We also offer a limited number of full-tuition awards, which you can read about in the scholarship section of our website.


For more information, email or call 617-747-8681.


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