Cost of Attendance for 2016–2017

Cost of attendance includes charges billed directly to you by Berklee and indirect costs that go along with attending the college. Your total financial aid (grants, scholarships, loans, and work-study) cannot exceed your total cost of attendance.

  Degree Diploma
Required Charges
Tuition $40,220 $34,660
Fees $1,178 $1,178
Optional Charges
Room and board $18,000 $18,000
Health insurance $2,134 $2,134
*Laptop $3,186 $3,186
Indirect Costs
Off-campus room and board $13,712 $13,712
Personal expenses $1,203 $1,203
Transportation $967 $967
Books $474 $474
**Loan fees $44 $44
Total on-campus costs $67,406 $61,846
Total off-campus costs $63,118 $57,558

*Laptop includes 6.25 percent sales tax

** Loan fees are based on an average of Stafford Loan fees across all grade levels

Required Charges

Required charges include directly billed charges, which include tuition and fees. 

Optional Charges

All students are billed for health insurance but it can be waived if a student is covered by another policy. Similarly, you are billed for a laptop, but you can waive the charge if you have a laptop that meets our laptop specifications. Please note that if you are able to waive the laptop, you’ll still need to purchase a software bundle.

Indirect Costs

Indirect costs are expenses related to going to college that will not appear on your bill.

We estimate that you'll need an average of $1,677 per year to cover the costs of books and personal expenses. Students and families must arrange and pay for all travel to and from Berklee. In addition, students should plan to arrive on campus with sufficient funds to cover the costs of books and incidental expenses. We estimate the total cost of living off-campus to be $13,712 for nine months. Please review the chart above for the details on estimated costs of transportation, Federal Stafford Loans, and other items.

For more detailed costs relating to the current academic year, please visit the Office of the Bursar online.