Cost of Attendance for 2019–2020

Cost of attendance includes charges billed directly to you by Berklee and indirect costs that go along with attending the college. Your total financial aid (grants, scholarships, and loans) cannot exceed your total cost of attendance.

  Degree Diploma
Mandatory Billed Expenses
Tuition $44,360 $38,220


Software bundle





Optional Billed Expenses
On-campus room and board $18,640 $18,640
Berklee-purchased MacBook Pro $2,278.73 $2,278.73

ProSonos AudioBox iTwo audio interface

** Berklee Student Health Insurance Plan





Other Related Expenses
Off-campus room and board $14,526 $14,526
Personal expenses $1,203 $1,203
Transportation $967 $967
Books $474 $474
Federal Stafford Loan fees $56 $56
Total on-campus costs $73,321.48 $67,181.48
Total off-campus costs $69,207.48 $63,067.48

** Amount is estimated and to be determined. 

MacBook Pro purchase is not required if a student already owns a laptop that meets Berklee's technology requirements.

Massachusetts state sales tax of 6.25 percent is included in the cost of the software package, MacBook and AudioBox.

Berklee Student Health Insurance Plan can be waived if a student is already covered by a comprehensive policy that is compliant with the Affordable Care Act.

Other Related Expenses

"Other related expenses" are costs related to going to college that will not appear on a students' bill.

Students and families must arrange and pay for all travel to and from Berklee.

The total cost of living off campus is estimated to be $13,850 for nine months. Students should arrive on campus with the funds to cover the first two months of rent.

The estimated cost of books and personal expenses is $1,677 per year. Students should arrive on campus with sufficient funds to cover these costs. Book vouchers are available from the financial aid office if there is excess federal aid available on a student's account after payment of mandatory billed expenses. These vouchers can be used at the Berklee Bookstore to purchase books, course materials, and other essential class supplies.  

For more detailed costs relating to the current academic year, please visit the Office of the Bursar online.

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