Program Description

The music production and engineering (MP&E) experience at Berklee prepares you to enter the current music production field as an effective professional in any number of roles within a landscape of rapidly evolving tools and techniques. Your experience will prepare you to appropriately adapt to the changing demands of the recording industry.

Through in-studio classroom experience, hands-on project work, and exposure to resident and visiting industry professionals, you will:

  • develop an informed and critical aesthetic vision;
  • gain a thorough knowledge and understanding of complex technical systems;
  • learn to collaborate effectively with others in numerous musical settings through participation as an engineer and producer;
  • learn to define quality using both musical and technical criteria, and to apply those criteria to your work and to the work of others; and
  • refine your communication and time-management skills in the context of multidisciplinary productions.

Please review these frequently asked questions to learn more about applying to the MP&E major. Prospective students indicating preference for this major will be sent detailed information by the Office of Admissions.

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