Technology for Music Production and Engineering Students

As an undergraduate Berklee student majoring in music production and engineering (MP&E), the required hardware and software listed below will be essential to your success.

Required Hardware

1. You are required to purchase a high-quality two-channel (minimum) audio interface. Recommended manufacturers to explore include:

2. You are required to purchase one of the following high-quality headphones:

3. You are required to purchase a pair of external drives for backing up your data. Each drive should hold at least 1TB. A solid state drive is highly recommended. 

Required Software

Upon successfully declaring MP&E as your major, once you enroll in course MP-211, your account will be billed for the major bundle along with all other College charges. All MP&E majors will receive the major bundle. The software bundle will be emailed to you during the first week of the semester. 

In addition to the MP&E major bundle, you are required to own software included in the Core Software Package as well as purchase the following software on your own:

Econ Technologies ChronoSync  $25.99
Valhalla VintageVerb $50
Music Production and Engineering Major Bundle $406

Price does not include Massachusetts sales tax.

The MP&E major bundle includes the following software:

  • iZotope Music Production Bundle
  • Celemony Melodyne Assistant
  • Antares Auto-Tune Artist Pro