Learning Pathways

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Berklee supports continuous learning and provides our faculty and staff  with a variety of opportunities to grow, develop skills, elevate performance, and advance career goals. Berklee offers growth and learning pathways  for employees at all levels, from individual contributors to newly promoted managers to aspiring leaders. Through these development pathways, we empower each person to contribute their unique value, perspective, and skills to our community.

Attend focused workshops based on interest and identified areas of skill development, participate in a certificate program, immerse yourself in a comprehensive leadership development cohort, or receive financial educational assistance to help realize your personal and professional goals. The options are varied and tailored to your needs and align with Berklee’s strategic goals.

Explore options below:

Professional Development Opportunities

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Human Resources sponsors professional and personal development workshops for staff, chairs, and faculty on a variety of relevant topics. These topics include progressive management in a changing workforce, managing change in the workplace, open and inclusive hiring practices, wellness, goal setting, and more. 

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Developing Our Future Leaders

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We are dedicated to furthering Berklee’s mission by nurturing and preparing our leaders for their essential role in developing a high-performing team. Navigating the complexities of management and leadership today requires critical skills and strategies and a heightened level of awareness in order to lead with intention, empathy, and confidence. We are committed to investing in our next generation of leaders by providing opportunities for growth and development through our Human Resources–sponsored leadership development program facilitated with trusted external partners. 

Our leadership development pathways are tailored to meet you wherever you are in your leadership journey, whether you’re an aspiring manager, current supervisor, or experienced leader.

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Building Effective, Collaborative Teams

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Human Resources, in collaboration with our external partners, provides skilled facilitation for team development. Through sessions tailored to each department’s needs, teams learn how to focus their efforts to produce clear outcomes, and how to build relationships and gain insight into colleagues’ work styles.

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Fostering a Culture of Respect

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Berklee is committed to fostering a workplace culture that is grounded in our core value of respect. We instill Berklee’s values and establish these expectations at the start of employment at new hire orientation. Faculty and staff are expected to attend an HR-sponsored online harassment prevention training with Vector LMS, which must be completed within the first 30 days of employment. In this session, attendees engage in a comprehensive overview of our Equity Policy and procedures. Faculty and staff are equipped with information and skills that promote intervention, empathy, and allyship. 

Following new hire orientation, all employees are expected to complete annual harassment prevention training through Vector LMS, as well as awareness of and skill-building around diversity, equity, and inclusion concepts through the Get Inclusive online platform, sponsored by the Center for Diversity and Inclusion. For questions regarding these policies or annual training, please contact your HR partner.

Tuition Assistance: Courses at Berklee and Beyond

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Berklee faculty and staff may receive tuition reimbursement for job-related courses from an accredited college or university, or from an organization widely respected for the high quality of its instruction in a specific discipline.

In addition, Berklee provides eligible faculty and staff with discounted or free tuition to attend Berklee academic courses (excluding ensembles and private lessons), Berklee Online courses, academic courses offered by member institutions of the ProArts Consortium, and courses at Southern New Hampshire University. Your family members may also be eligible for discounted or free Berklee tuition. 

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Additional Resources and Opportunities

The Office of Faculty Development offers professional development opportunities for faculty, including grants and funding in support of faculty projects.

The Office of Diversity and Inclusion offers a variety of programming, affinity spaces, and events to build community and provide learning opportunities throughout the year.

Berklee’s Technology Training and Support team offers a robust suite of training classes, videos, and guides to help you gain expertise in a variety of tools and technology platforms.

LinkedIn Learning’s vast library of instructional videos covers the latest software, project management, time management, and creative and business skills.

Department/Divisional Training Resources for Staff

Your area/division may have additional resources for skill and professional development, including resources for certification and attendance at relevant conferences. Ask your supervisor about how to take advantage of these opportunities.