Professional/Personal Development and Tuition Benefits

Staff Professional and Personal Development

Berklee’s staff professional development programs and tuition benefits can help you obtain, maintain, and improve job-related knowledge and skills, and explore other areas of professional or personal interest. Popular programs include the off-campus tuition reimbursement and the on-campus tuition discount/waiver. 

Benefits include:

  • External reimbursement: Tuition for non-Berklee and non-ProArts Consortium courses
  • Internal: Tuition discount or waiver on courses at Berklee (undergraduate only), Berklee Online, ProArts Consortium colleges, and Southern New Hampshire University

Tuition waivers and discounts are not available for Berklee graduate courses. 

External: Tuition Reimbursement

Berklee offers reimbursement for job-related, non-Berklee, and non-ProArts Consortium courses from an accredited college or university, or from an organization widely respected for the high quality of its instruction in a specific discipline. This includes distance learning.

Internal: Tuition Discount or Waiver

Berklee provides eligible staff with discounted or free tuition to attend Berklee academic courses (excluding ensembles and private lessons), Berklee Online courses, academic courses offered by member institutions of the ProArts Consortium, and courses at Southern New Hampshire University.  


Full-time staff, including directors, chairs, and members of the President's Advisory Council, are eligible after six months of full-time service. Employees in probationary periods and temporary employees are not eligible.

Your enrollment in a course is subject to availability. Berklee and ProArts member institutions reserve the right to give preference to their regular, degree-candidate students. 

A. Berklee Academic Courses

B. Berklee Online Courses

C. ProArts Consortium Courses

D. Southern New Hampshire University Online (SNHU)

Dependent Tuition Waivers and Discounts

Berklee offers partial or full waivers and significant discounts for tuition for your spouse or eligible children. For study at Berklee, your spouse or eligible children must satisfy all applicable degree, program, or course acceptance requirements or prerequisites. Fees, housing costs, and other non-tuition expenses are not covered by this benefit plan.

Tuition waivers and discounts are not available for Berklee's master’s degree program tuition at the Boston campus.

Tuition waivers and discounts may be based on your length of service and may be subject to limits.