Professional/Personal Development and Tuition Benefits

Faculty Professional Development

Berklee is deeply committed to supporting and enhancing the teaching effectiveness and professional development of Berklee educators. Through the Office of Faculty Development, the college administers and promotes numerous opportunities for our academic community to come together and undertake projects that enrich them as educators, scholars, and artists.

Contact the Office of Faculty Development to learn about resources and programs such as grants and funding, learning communities, visiting artist series, promotion assistance, and trainings on pedagogy and technology.

Staff Professional and Personal Development

Berklee’s staff professional development programs and tuition assistance benefits can help you obtain, maintain, and improve job-related knowledge and skills and explore other areas of professional or personal interest. Popular programs include off-campus tuition assistance and on-campus tuition wavier/discount.

Program for Staff Job-Related Requirement Benefit Eligibility
Category I:
Tuition assistance for non-Berklee and non-ProArts Consortium courses
Yes 75% tuition reimbursement to annual maximum Full-time staff after six months of full-time employment
Category II:
Tuition waiver or discount courses at Berklee, Berklee Online, ProArts Consortium colleges, and Southern New Hampshire University Online
No Discounted or free tuition Full-time staff after six months of full-time employment

Category I: Tuition Reimbursement

Berklee offers reimbursement for job-related, non-Berklee and non-ProArts Consortium courses from an accredited college or university or from an organization widely respected for the high quality of its instruction in a specific discipline. This includes distance learning.


After six months of full-time service, all full-time staff, including directors, chairs, and members of the President's Council, are eligible. Employees in probationary periods and temporary employees are not eligible.

Eligible Expenses

Only tuition expenses may be reimbursed up to the annual maximums outlined below. The following non-tuition expenses are not reimbursable: cost of books, lab fees, registration fees, taxes, late fees, exam fees, certificate/licensing courses, certification fees, dissertation fees, supplies, and travel. In addition, any tuition amounts paid for by grants and/or scholarships are not reimbursable. Coursework must be directly and specifically job-related. See the "Supervisor Approval" section below for more information.

For letter-graded courses, a grade of B- or higher is required. For Pass/Fail courses, a grade of "Pass" is required. For ungraded courses, proof of satisfactory completion, such as a certificate, is required.

Maximum Reimbursement

Your maximum annual reimbursable amount is based on your years of continuous full-time staff service.

Up to three years $2,500
Three years or more $4,000

Service is measured from the first day you are eligible for this benefit to the course start date.

The annual reimbursement maximum is administered on a calendar-year basis. The course start date determines the calendar year against which reimbursement will be counted for purposes of tracking the annual reimbursement maximum. In no case will total reimbursement paid in a calendar year exceed the applicable limit in Section 127 of the Internal Revenue Code for that year (currently $5,250).

When Your Berklee Employment Ends: Repaying Reimbursement

If you leave Berklee employment voluntarily, you must agree to repay the college any reimbursement you've received within six months of the end of your employment.

With both of your submissions (for pre-approval and actual tuition reimbursement), you certify that you:

  • understand this repayment obligation;
  • authorize Berklee to deduct any amount owed from your final salary payment; and
  • agree that if such withholding is less than the amount due you will pay the balance directly to Berklee within 30 days of the end of your employment.


Category II: Tuition Discount or Waiver

Berklee provides eligible staff with discounted or free tuition to attend Berklee academic courses (excluding ensembles and private lessons), Berklee Online courses, academic courses offered by member institutions of the ProArts Consortium and courses at Southern New Hampshire University.  


After six months of full-time service, all full-time staff, including directors, chairs, and members of the President's Council are eligible. Employees in probationary periods and temporary employees are not eligible.  Your enrollment in a course is subject to availability.  Berklee and ProArts member institutions reserve the right to give preference to their regular, degree-candidate students. 

A. Berklee Academic Courses

  • Full tuition waver for one course per term


B. Berklee Online Courses

  • Option 1: Pay 80 percent of normal Berklee Online tuition rate. Normal course registration process applies. Seat guaranteed in the class
  • Option 2: Full tuition waiver. Enter the course at the beginning of week two if space is available.


C. ProArts Consortium Courses

  • Full tuition waiver for one course per term


D. Southern New Hampshire Univeristy Online (SNHU)

  • Normal course registration processes will apply.
  • No limits on the number of classes per student per term.
  • No discount for doctoral program or on-campus tuition.