Commuting Program

Updated in December 2018

All faculty and staff members may use payroll deduction to purchase commuter transit passes and tickets and pay for commuter parking on a pre-tax basis. Any amount greater than the federal pre-tax maximum will be deducted after taxes.

Pre-tax federal maximum for commuter transit passes and tickets (T pass)* $265/month
Pre-tax federal maximum for commuter parking $265/month

To participate in this program, you must enroll with WageWorks.

*Staff who enroll with WageWorks and receive the $30 MBTA transit pass subsidy (described directly below) will have a monthly federal pre-tax maximum of $265.

Commuter Benefit for Staff Members Only

Each month, Berklee will pay $30 toward the cost of your commuter transit passes and tickets. To receive this subsidy, you must purchase your pass/ticket online through WageWorks.

This subsidy is not available to chairs, directors, or members of the President's Council.

Commuter Benefits for Faculty and Staff Members

You may set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for your commuting expenses (parking and/or mass transit) as detailed in the table above.

The amount recognized as "pre-tax" for state income taxes may differ. If your commuting costs exceed the pre-tax maximum, you may set aside additional post-tax dollars to pay the balance. The amount you set aside may be used to:

  • purchase your transit pass directly from the MBTA;
  • pay your parking provider directly; or
  • reimburse you for your out-of-pocket parking expense.

Commuting expenses means the cost of travel from your home to and from Berklee. The costs associated with traveling to off-campus Berklee-related business events and meetings are not covered by this plan, and, instead, may be covered as business travel expenses. To participate in the commuting expenses program, you must enroll online through Wage Works, which manages this program for the college. See below for instructions.

How to Enroll, Change, or Cancel Your Commuter Benefits

Call or visit WageWorks at 877-WAGEWORKS (924-3967) or at

When you enroll or make changes to your commuter benefits, changes or enrollment will take effect on the first of the second following month (i.e., the month after the month after you enroll or make a change). For instance, if you enroll at any time in the month of March to purchase a T pass, your pass should arrive in late April for use effective on May 1. Similarly, if you enroll at any time in the month of March to pay your monthly parking contract, your parking provider will be paid in late April for your May parking expenses.

Reimbursement for Parking Expenses

You may request reimbursement from your parking expense account up to six months after incurring the expense. Contact WageWorks for more information.

MBTA Subway (the "T") and Commuter Rail Schedules

Visit the MBTA here for information on train schedules and more.

Carpools and the Emergency Ride Home Program

For information about carpool opportunities or a ride home from work in case of an emergency, visit