Paid Time Off (PTO)

Eligible staff members earn paid time off (PTO) for periods of rest and relaxation, for illness, and to take care of personal matters. All benefit-eligible staff (excluding chairs) and members of the President’s Council accrue PTO. For a more detailed explanation of PTO accrual and eligibility, see Berklee's full PTO policy here. View instructions on reporting your PTO.

Amount of PTO earned by position

Completed years of continuous
Conservatory and College hourly
(earned per paid hour every two weeks)
College salaried
(earned every two weeks)
Conservatory salaried and College senior directors, directors, associate directors
(earned every two weeks)
Less than 1 year 0.0461 hours 3.23 hours 4.58 hours
1 to 4 years 0.0769 hours 5.38 hours 6.73 hours
4 to 9 years 0.0961 hours 6.73 hours 8.08 hours
9 years or more 0.1154 hours 8.08 hours No change from above


Amount of PTO earned per year

Completed years of continous service Conservatory and College staff members, assistant directors Conservatory and College associate directors, directors President's Council
Less than 1 year 12 days 17 days 30 days
1 to 4 years 20 days 25 days 30 days
4 to 9 years 25 days 30 days 30 days
9 years or more 30 days 30 days 30 days

Staff members may not accrue more than 210 hours (30 days/6 weeks) of PTO.

Public Safety staff may not accrue more than 240 hours (30 days/6 weeks) of PTO.

*Upon termination of employment, staff members will be paid their unused, accrued PTO balances.*