Paid Time Off (PTO)

Berklee College of Music provides a generous paid time off (PTO) benefit for eligible employees to enjoy paid periods of rest and relaxation free from work, time off for illness, and time off to take care of personal matters. All benefit-eligible staff and executives accrue PTO. For a more detailed explanation of PTO accrual and eligibility, see Berklee's full PTO policy here.

Online Time Reporting

For detailed instructions on entering your work time and PTO, go to our instructions page. Here are some other useful links:

Hourly Time Reporting

If you are hourly staff, you will submit your bi-weekly time sheets electronically via and your supervisor will approve or make adjustments electronically. We encourage you to record your time throughout the pay period rather than wait until the end to recreate it. This single form will allow you to report both your time worked and any PTO used. The pay period deadline will appear on your online form and is generally 2:00 p.m. on the Friday before payday. Consult your entry form or the payroll schedule for exceptions.


Non-exempt (hourly) staff report PTO via the web time entry form described above. You will be able to see your PTO balance on your time entry form.

Exempt (salaried) staff report PTO on a specially designed web form. You will see your PTO balance right on the web form. You may enter planned time off for future pay periods and retain the ability to edit that time until it actually posts at the end of that pay period. For any pay period in which no time is being used, just check the box that indicates that you have not used any PTO during the pay period in question.

Do not cheat yourself! The typical work schedule at Berklee is defined as 35 hours per week. This means that a day off for someone with a normal schedule would be 7 hours and a half day off would be 3.5 hours.

Supervisor Approval

If you supervise anyone for the purpose of time reporting, utilize the time approval form on There you will see all your hourly, salaried, and student employees. At the end of each pay period, you will approve as accurate (or adjust) the time that they have reported. If you are away, please ensure that your alternate time reviewer/approver reviews/approves on your behalf.