Care, Assessment, Response, Evaluation, Success (CARES)

The CARES team at Berklee exists to help students in distress who may be experiencing challenging or difficult life circumstances while in school. The CARES team meets weekly and is chaired by Jeff Klug, the associate dean for Health and Wellness. We are a team of staff members from areas around the institution who are dedicated to supporting the success, achievement, and wellbeing of every member of Berklee's student body. We provide resources to those struggling, and when a student faces difficulties that may result in aggressive or disruptive actions, we proactively seek to ensure their safety and the safety of those around them. Though we are not a crisis or emergency response team, we do review, summarize, plan, and coordinate the most effective and collaborative approach to help students.


The CARES team is a multidisciplinary Berklee-wide committee and includes representatives from the following departments: