The mission of Counseling Services is to assist students in pursuing their artistry, goals, and personal development toward a fulfilling Berklee experience. We accomplish this by offering a range of mental health services in an inclusive, affirming, and student-centered environment, rooted in compassionate and ethical care.

Berklee Counseling Services Team

Our team members are professionally trained and licensed clinicians. We offer free, confidential services to all Berklee students to address a variety of concerns that may be affecting a student's mental health and general wellbeing. We provide same-day appointments and goal-focused counseling throughout the semester to support a variety of needs.

We help students improve their lives by focusing on the change each individual person wants to make, and we then use our expertise to help them achieve it. We strive to provide immediate, meaningful help focused on what your needs are from the first meeting, and we have a range of follow-up options available for you to choose based on your unique situation.

To schedule an appointment, call 617-747-2310. 

For mental health emergencies or an urgent situation when you are unable to wait for an appointment with a Berklee counselor, refer to the emergency/urgent situations page, which provides a list of services that offer immediate support. If you are concerned about your own or another student’s immediate safety and security, please contact Public Safety.

Additional Options for Support

The My Student Support (My SSP) program is a global counseling service that Berklee students located within and outside of Massachusetts can utilize to access mental health services. My SSP is a great option for students who aren't in Massachusetts as Berklee's counselors are only licensed to work with students physically located in the state. 

Screenshot from My SSP website

Download the app.

Berklee now provides access to the My SSP app, a service that offers 24/7 crisis, real-time, brief, and solution-focused counseling with a dedicated clinician over phone, chat/text, or video, or in person. Services are currently available in English, Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Cantonese (Simplified Chinese chat). Download and explore the app at

Along with immediate and scheduled short-term support, My SSP also provides free access to a variety of wellbeing resources such as informational articles, podcasts, assessments, videos, and virtual fitness sessions tailored to your specific needs. By partnering with My SSP, Berklee strives to make mental health support more accessible than ever before.

Find an Off-Campus Provider

Berklee Staff Referral Assistance: Our case manager can help you navigate local health care options to find an off-campus, long-term provider who meets your needs.

My SSP Referral Assistance: This service can help students find a counselor within an extensive clinical network of 35,000 clinicians—including 3,500 foreign-language and ASL providers—across more than 160 countries. 

Access Self-Help Programs

As a Berklee student, you have access to SilverCloud, a clinically proven online mental health platform that helps you build resilience, manage your anxiety or depression, and develop skills to manage stress and sleep issues.

Sign up at SilverCloud, and select "Berklee" from the dropdown menu. Use your Berklee email address to access the site.

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