Personal Counseling

Professionally trained and licensed clinicians offer free, confidential service to all Berklee students. Personal counselors provide short-term counseling or a referral to a community practitioner, giving you an opportunity to receive help with depression and anxiety, stress management, relationship and family concerns, sexual assault or harassment, substance abuse, wellness, crisis intervention, and any other concern impacting your mental health.

Individual Counseling

Currently enrolled students can set up an intake appointment with a personal counselor by calling or stopping by the Counseling and Advising Center greeting counter and speaking with the receptionist. At the intake appointment, the personal counselor will assess needs and discuss all treatment options. Depending on need and availability, the student will be referred for either individual counseling of up to 12 sessions through counseling services or longer-term counseling with a licensed therapist in the community.

We at the counseling center respect confidentiality. Massachusetts law and ethical guidelines for therapists require that student visits and all information shared during therapy sessions remain confidential. We cannot release information to anyone without a student's written permission. This includes friends, instructors, and parents. Records of therapy sessions are kept in a secure electronic medical record.  Exceptions to confidentiality occur only under special circumstances such as being in imminent danger to self or others. A counselor will review these exceptions in detail at the intake appointment. To make an appointment, please visit the front counter or call Personal Counseling at 617-747-2310.


Consultation service is available to Berklee students, faculty, staff, and family members who are concerned about a Berklee student's mental health. Please call the receptionist at 617-747-2310, or stop by Personal Counseling to leave a message with the on-call counselor. Let the receptionist know how urgent your situation is, and the on-call counselor will respond promptly.


Come join us to sit. The meditation group has been a significant support system for students at Berklee. Students will learn a variety of meditation techniques, have time for questions, and make connections with other students about meditation. Sessions are a free service to the Berklee community, and there is plenty of room so all students, faculty, and staff are welcome. The sessions are led by psychotherapist and wellness specialist Liz Bailey.

If you are a new student, please invite your new peers and friends to join us in meditation as a way to help transition into the first semester and manage the busy life of a Berklee student.

See more information about the meditation group.

Get in Touch

Berklee College of Music students can access the Personal Counseling at 939 Boylston Street (accessed from 921 Boylston Street, third floor). Contact or 617-747-2310 for more information.

Boston Conservatory at Berklee students can access counseling at 32 Fenway (lower level) or contact Learn more about counseling at the conservatory.