Finding an Off-Campus Provider

The first step to finding an off-campus provider is determining what insurance you have and what mental health benefits are included in your plan. Determine what the co-pay is and if that is financially feasible for you to maintain. 

You can find providers through your insurance website, the Thriving Campus website, the Psychology Today Therapist Finder website, or Zencare. You may have to call a few different places, or even “try on” different therapists by meeting with them individually, to find a provider that suits your needs. To help you navigate the process, make an appointment with our case manager (login required).

We recommend seeking an off-campus provider for some of these reasons:

  • You want long-term counseling (more than a semester).
  • You want a local medication provider.
  • You have mental health needs that would be better served by a specialist (eating disorders, complex trauma, and psychosis are some problems that might benefit from specialist care).
  • You prefer a therapist who is not affiliated with Berklee College of Music.
  • You would like a practice that offers integrated care between a primary care doctor, a psychiatrist, and/or a therapist (this is sometimes a good idea if you have multiple conditions and/or medications that need to be balanced and monitored regularly).

Off-Campus Referrals

For off-campus referrals, make an appointment with our case manager (login required).