Student Wellness Promotion and Services

Student Wellness Promotion and Services offers programming, education, services, and resources to set students up for success during and after their time at Berklee. With a holistic approach, the team of professional staff, wellness providers, and peer wellness educators support students in developing the skills to promote performance and physical, spiritual, and emotional wellness. Our team can provide guidance on anything from "What is health insurance, and how do I use it?" to "What can I do to feel less tired during the day?"

In addition to the services and resources listed below, Student Wellness also provides free health materials, such as safer sex items, sleep masks, ear plugs, menstrual hygiene products, and more at their office at 161 Massachusetts Avenue on the fourth floor. If you require accommodations to participate in a meeting or any of the services the office provides, please contact Health and Wellness by emailing or calling 617-747-6575.

If you are interested in collaborating with our office on an event or program, or would like one of our staff to provide a presentation or training on any wellness-related topic, please fill out the program request form (login required).  


Performance Wellness

These services and education are intended to prevent performance-related injuries and nurture the development of healthy patterns for occupational wellbeing.  


Emotional and Spiritual Wellness

These services, classes, and resources support personal growth, manage life stressors, and promote mental wellbeing.  


Physical Wellness

These services, education, and resources connect students to health care and promote an active lifestyle, healthy behaviors, and self-care.