Reach Out Initiative

Reach Out is a donor-funded initiative that aims to promote, encourage, and support healthy behaviors and decision-making for Berklee students. In keeping with Berklee’s mission to develop and nurture the professional and personal growth of our students, Reach Out assists in providing specific education, outreach, programming, and resources on:

  • substance use and abuse;

  • sexual assault and interpersonal violence and abuse; and
  • mental health awareness.

About Reach Out

In 2012, due to the generosity of donors, the Reach Out initiative was established to address the issues of substance abuse, sexual violence, and mental health awareness. Reach Out not only echoes a call throughout the country for more education for college students on these topics but also confronts historic challenges faced by many contemporary musicians.

Reach Out’s programs challenge stereotypes about what it means to be a creative, modern musician. One of the cornerstones of Reach Out’s efforts is bringing musicians together to share firsthand accounts of struggles with substance abuse, mental illness, and interpersonal violence, and making connections about the impact these issues have on the sustainability and success of one’s career in the music industry.

Reach Out Initiative Administration

The Reach Out Initiative is administered through Health and Wellness Berklee.

Current Programs

Artist-in-Residence Clinics

Reach Out's signature program is its visiting artist clinic series. Each semester, Reach Out invites well-known musicians to share their life experiences related to mental health, substance abuse, sexual assault, and domestic violence. The clinics' aim is to help students see the connection between healthy decision-making and career success and sustainability. Past artists have included Darryl "DMC" McDaniels, Dyllón Burnside, Todrick Hall, Amanda Palmer, Kelly Price, Big Freedia, Rocco Prestia, Ray Greene, Ethel Beatty Barnes, Dan Reynolds, Rissi Palmer, Fat Joe, Hubert Payne, and Berklee faculty member Danny Morris. To hear more about each of our visiting artists' stories, check out the Reach Out testimonials and videos page.  

How to Get Involved/Support

If you are interested in joining the Reach Out Initiative committee or if you have a program proposal, please contact Jeff Klug, assistant vice president of student support services.

If you would like to make a financial contribution to support Reach Out’s efforts, please contact Institutional Advancement