Alcohol and Drug Education and Services at Berklee

The Health and Wellness area of Student Affairs provides alcohol and drug education, programming, assessment, and referral services for Berklee students as well as for staff, faculty, and parents who may have concerns about a student. The aim of our programs and services is to encourage healthy choices and responsible decision making, and to reduce the negative consequences associated with disordered substance use, such as poor academic performance, high-risk sexual behavior, violence, health implications, and addiction. We provide supportive, confidential, and nonjudgmental services. 

Students are encouraged to schedule an appointment by emailing or by calling 617-747-3134.

We also provide programming and presentations to educate and raise awareness in the Berklee community.

Presentations and Training

We offer interactive and informative customized presentations for classes, student organizations and clubs, residence hall programs, staff and/or faculty, and campus-wide programs. 

We also provide training for student leaders, like resident assistants and orientation leaders, on how to respond if they are concerned about a peer’s usage as well as skills for building and influencing campus culture and attitudes towards alcohol and drug use.

To schedule a presentation or training, email or call 617-747-6575.