Health Insurance Information for Graduates

If you are graduating in the spring or summer semester, and have purchased the Berklee-sponsored health insurance plan through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, your plan remains in effect through August 14, 2024.  

Getting Health Insurance After Graduating

Once you’ve graduated, you may be able to get health insurance by:

  • staying on your parent’s health insurance plan,
  • buying your own plan,
  • getting coverage through a new job,
  • through a union, or
  • through another school or university.

Berklee College of Music Optional Practical Training (OPT) Student Health Insurance Plan

Berklee students who are on OPT are eligible to enroll in the Berklee College of Music OPT student health insurance plan. Students with USCIS-pending or -approved post-completion OPT should complete this form to request Berklee Student Health Insurance (SHIP) coverage. Your request will be reviewed within 7–10 business days. Once your request has been reviewed, the Health and Wellness team will email you with information about how to enroll.

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