Berklee Admissions Scholarships

Eligibility and Guidelines

Each year, Berklee College of Music conducts live auditions and interviews in Boston and around the world for students who wish to pursue their dream of studying at the college. All applicants to the college's full-time degree or diploma programs are automatically considered for merit-based scholarships through our audition and interview process. Applicants may also submit materials within their application to have their songwriting and composition abilities factored into their admissions and scholarship decisions.

Scholarship decisions for accepted full-time applicants are issued along with the admissions decisions.

Students cannot re-audition for scholarship consideration. Should a student wish to be reconsidered for scholarship, they must withdraw their current acceptance and reapply for admission to the college. Students who choose to defer a current acceptance cannot re-audition.

Applicants are strongly encouraged to visit the Berklee College of Music campus to complete their audition and interview, tour our facilities, and meet with college faculty, students, and staff. Since we are able to accommodate more students at our main campus than at other locations, the majority of our auditions and interviews are held in Boston. Due to the demand in certain cities, applicants may be scheduled for their audition and interview in Boston regardless of their preference for one of our tour locations.

Students who are traveling to an audition site outside of their country of permanent residence should check their visa requirements and allow plenty of time for travel arrangements. We strongly advise that applicants do not make travel arrangements until they have received an official audition and interview invitation via email.

Audition spaces fill quickly. Apply now to reserve your spot.

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