BTB Remote Learning Grant

All Berklee College of Music and Boston Conservatory at Berklee students* who enroll in the fall 2020 remote semester will be issued a one-time Back to Berklee (BTB) Remote Learning Grant towards their tuition charges. These funds will be added to each student's account as a financial aid award, reducing tuition charges, and allowing students to free up funds towards other expenses.

College and Conservatory Undergraduate Students

  • Full-time undergraduate degree student (12+ credits): $2,500 grant
  • Full-time undergraduate diploma or MEIP student (12+ credits): $2,000 grant
  • Part-time undergraduate student (611 credits): $500 grant

Conservatory Graduate Students

  • Full-time Conservatory graduate degree student (M.M., 610 credits): $2,500
  • Full-time Conservatory graduate diploma or certificate student (G.P.D., 5–7 credits; P.S.C., 7–8 credits): $2,000
  • Part-time Conservatory graduate student (M.M., 3–5 credits; G.P.D., 3–4 credits; P.S.C., 3–6 credits): $500

Grants will not be awarded for undergraduate students and Conservatory M.M. graduate students enrolling in five credits or less.

*Berklee Valencia graduate students, contemporary performance (global jazz concentration) graduate students, Harvard/Berklee Dual Degree students, and Berklee Online students are not eligible to receive these benefits. Additionally, students with full tuition remission or a full scholarship and/or grant will not receive these benefits, as Berklee’s policy is to award institutional aid up to the total cost of tuition.

Learn more about the cost-savings opportunity of the fall 2020 remote semester.

How to Receive Your Remote Learning Grant

Registered students will be awarded the full-time grant amount indicated above. 
Once we receive your enrollment level (full-time or part-time) from the registrar, your credits will be checked. If you are enrolled part-time, your grant will be reduced to $500. Part-time enrollment constitutes the following:
  • For undergraduate students, 6–11 credits
  • For Conservatory graduate students in the M.M., 3–5 credits; in the GPD, 3–4 credits; and in the PSC, 3–6 credits

Student Financial Services will notify part-time students that their grant will be reduced.

If you register during the established registration period, we expect that the grant will be added to your account no later than August 17, 2020. No additional student action or application is needed to receive this grant.

Please note that after add/drop, if you are enrolled less than full-time, your BTB Remote Learning Grant will be adjusted to $500, and any other aid will be adjusted according to your enrolled credits. Undergraduate students must be enrolled in a minimum of six credits to be eligible for the BTB Remote Learning Grant and federal loans.