Kate Richey

Counselor/Survivor Advocate Specialist
Kate Richey headshot photo

Kate Richey joined Berklee in March 2018. She has held roles in counseling, advocacy, and sexual violence prevention in college settings. She received her Bachelor of Arts from Carleton College and her Master of Arts in counseling psychology from Boston College. A licensed mental health counselor, she enjoys working with students across a variety of issues. Her approach to counseling is collaborative with an emphasis on helping students feel respected, heard, valued, and safe. Her professional interests include working with students who have experienced sexual violence, relationship violence, and other forms of trauma.

In addition to her clinical work with students, she provides advocacy support for students navigating the equity reporting and investigation process, and for students connecting with off-campus resources related to sexual and relationship violence. She serves as an advisor to Student Allies in Anti-Violence Education (SAAVE), which is open to all College and Conservatory students. Outside of Berklee, she enjoys reading, puzzles, and spending time with her friends, family, and dog.