Check-in/Orientation FAQs

Please refer to the information below for answers to frequently asked questions.

What are the dates of orientation?

Please refer to the Academic Calendar or the orientation schedule for information regarding the fall, spring, or summer orientation week schedule. 

When I arrive on campus for orientation, what should I do first?

If you are living on campus, your first stop will be your assigned residence hall. Move-in takes place on Saturday, August 29, and Sunday, August 30. The Housing Department will email those of you living on campus your assigned move-in day and time as well as your assigned residence hall. The email will be sent to your email address. Once you are moved in, you will need to check in on Sunday, August 30, in David Friend Recital Hall between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. David Friend Recital Hall is located on the first floor of 921 Boylston Street.

If you are living off campus, your first stop will be to check in on Sunday, August 30, in David Friend Recital Hall between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. David Friend Recital Hall is located on the first floor of 921 Boylston Street.

What do I need to bring to check-in?

Prior to your arrival on campus you will receive a check-in email at your Berklee email address. Please print this check-in email and bring it with you to check-in at David Friend Recital Hall as it contains critical information that will help you and us throughout orientation week.

International students should be prepare to present their I-20, passport, and either passport entry stamp or I-94.

We recommend that you bring a notebook and a pen or pencil to take notes or write down questions throughout the week.

I will be arriving late to orientation. Who should I notify?

Although we encourage you to plan to arrive on the first day of orientation for check-in, we understand this sometimes is not possible. Please contact for information on the steps you will need to take if you check in late.

What is the orientation week schedule going to be like?

A full orientation schedule can be downloaded here. When you check in, you will receive a printed schedule of the week's events, and we encourage you to participate in as many planned events as possible. In addition to placement exams and auditions, the week is filled with opportunities to interact with faculty, learn about Berklee programs and services, and connect with fellow entering students.

When will I receive my course schedule?

At the end of orientation week, you will receive your course schedule during a meeting with your peer advisor. You will receive this meeting time and location information when you check in.

How can I review the policies for my liberal arts transfer credits before I check in?

If you are seeking to transfer credits to Berklee, general information on policies and requirements can be found in the Transfer Credit Guide. For specific questions, please contact the Office of the Registrar directly at 617-747-2240 or

When can I pick up my laptop?

After you have checked in at the Student Activities Center you will receive more information about where and when to pick up your laptop.

If you have a hold on your student account, you will have to take action to have the hold cleared before you are able to pick up your laptop. To ensure you will be cleared when you check in, you can check your status ahead of time on

When do I purchase books?

After you receive your course schedule at the end of orientation week you can bring your schedule to the Berklee Bookstore, located at 1090 Boylston Street. To easily find your books, match the class call numbers with the numbers on your schedule.

Are practice rooms open during orientation week?

Yes. Information on locations, hours of operation, and rules and procedures for using practice rooms is available here. To access practice facilities, visit the front desk in the respective locations and show your student ID.

Where can I ship my belongings prior to classes beginning?

To ensure that any belongings you are shipping to the college arrive in time for school, please use the on-campus address we provide you. You will receive this information via email prior to your arrival on campus. Please note: Berklee College mail services are primarily for on-campus residents. Students living off campus should have all mail and packages sent to the appropriate off-campus address.

Your Name
Entering Student/Box Number
Berklee College of Music
168 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02115-3693

Please use this format for all letters, packages, and express shipments.

Please arrange for shipments to arrive anytime within three days of check-in. Berklee mail services will receive and store all packages at 1108 Boylston Street so that you can pick them up once you arrive on campus.

When you arrive on campus, visit the mailroom at 1108 Boylston Street to pick up your packages, as well as to receive your personal mailbox number and combination. Student mailboxes are located in the dormitories and mail is delivered every day.

If I or my parent/guardian/guest require special assistance due to a medical, physical, or disability-related reason, will Berklee be able to provide the necessary assistance?

We are committed to welcoming and accommodating all entering students and their guests at our orientation week activities. As some accommodations take time to implement, participants who require special assistance in order to fully experience the week's events are encouraged to contact both the Counseling and Advising Center and the Student Activities Center well in advance, and together we will do our best to provide you with the appropriate assistance.

Where do I stay during orientation?

For on-campus students, residence halls will open on the first day of orientation week. If you will be living off campus and will not be ready to move into your apartment or house, please refer to our temporary housing information for locations to stay in the Berklee area.

Is there parking during orientation week?

No. There is no on-campus parking at Berklee College of Music. We recommend you use public transportation when possible during orientation. If you are driving, we suggest you use one of the many designated public parking garages throughout the Back Bay area or plan to park at a meter near campus.

What orientation week events are planned for parents, guardians, and guests?

On the first day of orientation we will be providing parents/guardians/guests with a complete list of sessions that are intended to cater to the needs, concerns, and interests of parents/guardians. Among the events scheduled, parents, guardians, and guests are specifically encouraged to attend Convocation, Parent and Family Orientation, and the Parents of Students with Disabilities session.

Please visit the Parent Orientation schedule for more specific date and time information.

Where can parents, guardians, and guests stay during orientation?

Because many area colleges and universities will be starting at the same time, we recommend that parents, guardians, and guests choosing to stay overnight in Boston make arrangements for accommodations prior to the first day of orientation week. There are a number of options for accommodations in the Berklee area.

Can siblings attend orientation events?

We recommend that any siblings accompanying parents, guardians, and guests only attend parent/guardian/guest events. We leave this decision to the families since our programming is geared toward guests with a guardian relationship to the entering student, and siblings may feel out of place, but they are certainly more than welcome to attend.