MacBook Pro

Berklee requires entering students to own a MacBook Pro that meets the standards established by the academic and technology leadership of the institution.

Bring Your Own MacBook Pro

If you own a MacBook Pro that meets or exceeds the requirements below and is less than three years old, it will most likely meet the technology requirement. A small number of computers that are eligible might not meet certain requirements for technology-focused majors, and you may need to upgrade your device during your stay at Berklee. Any of the current MacBook Pro laptop models meet the requirements. You may learn more about these models on the Apple Store website.

If you need help identifying your MacBook Pro model, please visit the How to Identify MacBook Pro models page on the Apple website.

Recommended Computer Technical Specifications

Display 13-inch retina display or greater
Processor Dual-core Intel Core i5 or greater
Memory 16 GB or greater
Storage 512 GB or greater