Technology Requirements for Entering Students

Students entering Berklee College of Music must own a MacBook Pro that meets the standards established by the academic and technology leadership of the institution. In addition, you must purchase the Core Software Package from Berklee, which includes several leading music technology applications in use at Berklee and in the music industry at large. A charge for this package will be automatically added to your student account in the first semester. This requirement does not apply to students entering Boston Conservatory at Berklee.

Berklee makes exclusive arrangements to purchase items from leading industry manufacturers and passes this value along to you. Because your suite of software is offered as a package, you must purchase the full package even if you already own some of the software included in it; for this reason, please refrain from purchasing music software in anticipation of attending Berklee.

Note that any and all contents, components, and pricing listed here are subject to change at any time without notice.

Requirements: Your Tools for Success

Core Software Package (required for all)

MacBook Pro*

Audio Interface*

*Students who will spend their first year abroad in Spain are also required to bring their own MacBook Pro and Audio Interface.

Technology Recommendations: Protecting and Supplementing Your Tools