Core Software

Every entering student at Berklee is required to purchase the software package below, which is crucial to your success not only as a student at Berklee, but as a professional embarking on a career in the music industry. This purchase is required of all entering students at Berklee. There are no exceptions. Updates to all of these applications will be provided to you at no cost during your enrollment (with the exception of Pro Tools, which requires an upgrade fee after the first year).

The core software package requirement extends to all undergraduate students. Because this suite is offered as a package, you must purchase the full package, as described below, even if you already own some of the software included in it; for this reason, please refrain from purchasing music software in anticipation of attending Berklee.

Core Software Package $1,210
Massachusetts Sales Tax, 6.25% $75.63
Total (This price will be displayed on your tuition statement.) $1,285.63

This package includes the following software:

(Click the icons to view more information about the given software.)

Avid Pro Tools Icon


Avid Pro Tools

MakeMusic Finale


MakeMusic Finale

MakeMusic SmartMusic Icon


MakeMusic Smart Music

Microsoft Office Icon


Microsoft Office



Propellerheads Reason Icon


Propellerheads Reason