Core Software

All incoming Berklee College of Music students will have a charge for the Core Software Package automatically added to their student account in their first semester. This software is crucial to success as a student at Berklee and as a professional embarking on a career in the music industry.

The Core Software Package is a requirement for all undergraduate Berklee College of Music students. Because this suite of software is offered as a package, there are no exemptions even if you already have some of the software included in it. Please refrain from purchasing music software in anticipation of attending Berklee.

Students will be sent information about their Core Software Package (including registration codes and links with instructions on how to register and install) during orientation week after they check in for the semester. Please contact the Technology Service Desk with specific questions. 

Certain software may be eligible for upgrades to currently enrolled students. Please contact us to find out if a particular upgrade is available to you. This does not apply to Pro Tools, which requires an annual renewal fee after the first year.

This software requirement does not apply to:

  • entering Boston Conservatory at Berklee students;
  • entering B.A. in music industry leadership and innovation students;
  • students attending only the Berklee Summer Semester; or
  • students who are provisionally accepted. 

If you are attending one of the programs that do not require the Core Software Package you should be aware that some classes do require use of a computer and one or more of these applications. Check with your instructor for more information on specific software requirements for each course. Computers with Core Software are available for use in the Creative Technology Center. You may also purchase the Core Software Package if you wish. Please contact the Technology Service Desk for more information on purchasing this software package.

Note that any and all contents, components, and pricing listed here are subject to change at any time without notice.

Core Software Package $223.00
Massachusetts Sales Tax, 6.25% $13.94
Total (This price will be displayed on your tuition statement.) $236.94

This package includes the following software:

**USB iLok for ProTools

Students will need to purchase a USB iLok for use in authorizing and running Pro Tools. Pro Tools can also be authorized via a cloud license, and information on setting up Pro Tools via cloud authorization will be provided to students. However for longer term use, students should purchase their own physical USB iLok as well.

Suggested purchase links include the following: