Placement Auditions and Assessments

Placement Auditions for Incoming Students

All students are required to complete a placement audition during orientation. The purpose of the placement audition is to assess your current skill level relative to the curriculum. This assessment will help the college place you into an appropriate ensemble, private lesson, and lab that will best support your educational needs, along with students of similar ability.

You will audition with faculty members from your instrumental department and the Ensemble Department. While auditions differ by department, you are typically asked to perform with accompaniment as well as sight-read, improvise, and play or sing a short piece from your repertoire. Auditions usually last about 15 minutes.

To prepare for your audition:

  1. Review the preparation materials for your instrument.
  2. Students may perform any music for their assessment, including original songs and classical music.
  3. Vocalists may accompany themselves on acoustic guitar or piano (this is recommended only if you are highly proficient on your accompanying instrument). Alternatively, vocalists may use a backing track that has been downloaded and does not require internet access, or a faculty member can accompany them on piano if the student provides a chord chart/lead sheet or sheet music that can be easily sight-read.
  4. This page is updated to include links to the audition packet for each instrument. This includes the sheet music for musical examples you will be asked to perform during your audition. Download and print the packet for your instrument.
  5. During check-in, you will receive your audition time slot.

What to bring to your audition:

  • Your instrument (unless you are a pianist or percussionist)
  • The audition packet below (you can print it out closer to your audition time)

Visit campus business services to learn more about on-campus printing instructions.

Preparation Materials

Download information about what you will be asked to perform during your audition.

Audition Packet

You can download and print the sheet music you will be asked to perform during your audition once the files are posted here. Check back closer to your audition time.

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