Family Orientation

family moving into a residence hall
Dave Green

In addition to student orientation events, Berklee also offers sessions and activities for family members. You'll have an opportunity to experience Berklee through the perspective of a student, to discover resources available to your student, and to learn how you can support your student through this transition. Registration for Family Orientation is now open.

Spring 2020 Family Orientation

Spring 2020 Family Orientation will be from Tuesday, January 14 through Wednesday, January 15, 2020. The family orientation schedule can be found below. A PDF of the schedule is available for download here.

This event is hosted by Berklee Families, part of the New Student and Family Programs Office.

Conversations to consider having with your student prior to arrival: 

  • What will your relationship with your student look like once they begin life at Berklee?
  • While your student is at the College or Conservatory, how might your role in their life evolve? 
  • What kind of communication dynamic will you have with your student? Is there a set time during the week when you will connect by phone or video? How often will you text or email?
  • How will you encourage your student to ask you for help or to ask others at Berklee for help? Which resources will your student need to connect with during orientation week, during their first week of class, and before the end of the semester?
  • What is the expectation around available financial support? What will budgeting look like for your student?
  • Will your student share with you if they are struggling academically? If that happens, what's the plan? How will you refer them to on-campus resources, such as tutoring? How will you support them as they find their way?
  • How will you coach your student on handling roommate conflicts or challenges with friends? How will you help them resolve conflicts on their own?
  • How will you celebrate your student’s achievements inside and outside the classroom?

How to ship your student belongings:

Before your student moves in, send mail to this address:

Student Name—Entering Resident
Berklee College of Music
168 Massachusetts Avenue
Boston, MA 02115

Mail shipped before your student moves in can be accessed in the the Mail Center located at 1108 Boylston Street (between Teriyaki House and J.P. Licks). The Mail Center is open from 9:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m., Monday–Friday. An email will be sent to your student's address when the mailroom has a package for them. The mailroom will be open on move-in day so that students may access packages that you have shipped.

After orientation, upon receiving their schedule, your student will find a box number assigned to them (denoted as SB–###). Their mailbox should be located in their residence hall. They will receive regular mail at that mailbox, and any mail that does not fit will be held in the mailroom for them to pick up.

Note: Berklee mail services are primarily for on-campus residents. Students living off campus should have mail and packages sent to the appropriate off-campus address.