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Admissions Related

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Admissions Forms

Admissions Application Apply
Schedule of Tuition and Fees Tuition and Fees
Tuition Deposit form (full-time students) Online Form
Tuition Deposit form (12-week students) Online Form
Tuition Deposit Refund/Change of Semester form Online Form


Financial Aid Related

See the Financial Aid, Scholarships, and Loans sections for related information.

Financial Aid Forms


General Forms  
Key Dates for Entering Students PDF
Key Dates for Continuing and Returning Students PDF
Loan Guide PDF
For Domestic Students Academic Year
FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) in English Apply online
FAFSA (Free Application for Student Aid) in Español Apply online
College Board CSS Profile Apply online
Noncustodial Profile Apply online
Federal Direct Plus Loan Basics PDF
Federal Stafford Direct Loan Basics PDF
Federal Direct Stafford Loan MPN & Entrance Counseling Complete online Instructions PDF
Federal Direct PLUS Loan for Parents Complete online
Consortium Agreement 2015-2016  
Summer Financial Aid Application 2016-2017
Direct Loan/Perkins Loan Declination Form PDF
The following forms should be submitted only if requested by the Office of Financial Aid Academic Year
Certification of Child Support Paid by Parent 2016-2017  
Certification of Child Support Paid by Student 2016-2017  
Dependent Student Household Member Form 2016-2017  
Dependent Student Non-Tax Filer Form 2016-2017  
High School Completion Verification 2016-2017  
Identity and Statement of Educational Purpose by Notary 2016-2017  
Independent Student Non-Tax Filer Form 2016-2017  
Independent Student Household Verification 2016-2017  
Information Release Form 2015-2016  
Parent Asset Verification Form 2016-2017  
Parent Statement of Non-Tax Filing 2016-2017  
Parent Statement of Support 2016-2017  
SNAP Benefit Certification (Dependent) 2016-2017  
SNAP Benefit Certification (Independent) 2016-2017  
Student Asset Verification Form 2016-2017  
Student Indebtedness Worksheet 2015-2016  
Student Statement of Support 2016-2017  
Untaxed Income Worksheet 2016-2017  
IRS Data Retrieval or Transcript Instructions PDF


Registration Related

Registration Forms

Registration Manual PDF
Verification of Enrollment Form PDF


Health Related

Health Forms

2013-2014 Berklee College of Music Summary of Benefits PDF
Student Health Insurance FAQ PDF
Immunization Form PDF
Health Insurance Waiver Form You can submit a waiver online by logging in to, selecting the "Students" link, and then the "Waive My Health Insurance" link under the Financial Information submenu.
Meningitis Vaccination Waiver Form PDF

Campus Safety

Campus Safety Forms

Playing It Safe: A Practical Guide to Safety and Security for Students, Faculty, and Staff PDF




Policy Handbook for Students PDF
Parent Handbook PDF


Summer Programs Applications

Summer Programs Applications

See the specific page of the Summer Programs section for downloadable applications Information