Guitar Faculty

Abigail Aronson

Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8269

"I like to hook people in with what they came to music for. Then, when I get into theory and technique, it can mean more to them."

John Baboian

Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8106

"I want my students to have such a great wealth of knowledge and abilities that they can do any gig that comes before them."

Sheryl Bailey

Associate Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8407

"For me, what's important is that the material that we're dealing with in class is practical to what a real musician has to deal with. It's about developing the skills that you're really going to need to make you successful."

Larry Baione

Chair, Guitar
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617 747-2294

"I learn from the students, just as the students learn from me. I enjoy their individual talents, and I also enjoy the passion that the students have to learn the instrument and perform."

Bruce Bartlett

Associate Professor, Guitar
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617 747-8424

"The best thing about teaching or learning how to play music is the balance between technical information and whatever your heart and soul feels. Hopefully the technical information is only the vehicle for what you're really trying to do. I want my students to stay focused through the ups and downs, and to trust in what they believe in. I try to reinforce that they should learn as much as they can and be as versatile as possible, because the competition is very high. I also tell them to respect and learn from the past as they're trying to go forward."

Kevin Belz

Assistant Professor, Guitar
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617 747-2738

"I try to teach the way I learned how to play. I use more ear-type training than music and hand-out sheets. In the real world, on gigs, 90 percent of the time you just get a CD to learn tunes. I have the students transcribe songs, not necessarily writing them down, but a lot of learning by ear, a lot of call and response stuff, transcriptions off records and CDs."

Dan Bowden

Professor, Guitar
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617 747-8124

"What draws students to my private lesson studio are the instrumental labs that I develop, which deal with acoustic blues, slide guitar, and bottleneck guitar. An important goal of mine has been to expand on what would be the typical blues education—trying to round out the blues students we have playing modern electric blues style by imparting some historical perspective along with traditional blues skills that are still viable in today's music, when you look at Eric Clapton, Derek Trucks, Taj Mahal, or people like Keb' Mo'."


Freddie Bryant

Associate Professor, Guitar | 617 747-6248

"I'm a 'jazz' guitarist based in blues and the African-American tradition but also a studied classical player. I play Brazilian and Latin music, Afro-Cuban, and music that bridges the gap to other world styles from an improvisational/nontraditional approach."

Jon Damian

Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8152

"Ensemble members develop their musical communication skills by exploring the basic sound dimensions (dynamics, rhythm, melodic direction, and note articulation). In every playing situation, a greater awareness of these elements strengthens creative potential."

Sal DiFusco

Associate Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8224

"Artistic development is important to me; I get a great amount of joy in developing people musically."

Jon Finn

Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8173

"If there's one issue I get evangelical about, it's when I hear a lot of words from well-known rock players who say, 'Don't practice, be a rebel. Studying the instrument is bad for your creativity.' The mentality is that if you're too technically proficient, you're not rock 'n' roll; I'm not sure if I agree."

David Fiuczynski

Professor, Guitar

Guitar shredder, researcher, composer, and winner of a Guggenheim Fellowship, David Fiuczynski explores the microtonal universe like few others.

Tomo Fujita

Associate Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8410

"For a while I played at a Baptist church every Sunday. There were no charts; for every song, all I got was the key. It taught me a lot about feeling, and I thought, 'That's really what music is all about.' You hear things, and you have to feel things."

David Gilmore

Associate Professor, Guitar
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Global Jazz Institute | 617 747-3125

"To me, jazz music is a way of life and a way of thinking. It's about exploration, trying something new, discovering more about yourself, about music, about life in general."

Mick Goodrick

Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8454

"When someone really gets something, they light up like a Christmas tree—and you get the same feeling, from having spent so much time with them. It's really very obvious, and it's very, very cool when it happens."

Charles Hansen

Instructor, Guitar | 617 747-8313

"You're not just learning how to play guitar, you're also learning what dedication is and what discipline is."

Richie Hart

Associate Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8422

"I'm a very open teacher; I don't hide anything. My students know that when they ask me a question, I'll always give them a straight answer."

Craig Hlady

Associate Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8217

"The technical aspects are only means to an end to free up your playing so it comes from your heart and inner soul."

Thaddeus Hogarth

Associate Professor, Guitar
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617 747-2830

"As a thriving independent recording artist, I think of my job as not only to disseminate information but to give a strong basis of context for this information and a method for incorporating it into the student's own identity as a musician, whether as a performer, a composer, or both."

Mike Ihde

Professor, Guitar | 617 747-2241

"My goal has always been to prepare people to be able to play anything, anytime, anywhere. In order to survive in this business, you need to know a ton of tunes in a lot of styles and be able to play them all convincingly."

Scotty Johnson

Associate Professor, Guitar
Also affiliated with:: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617 747-8494

"My main message is that there's work out there for musicians—gigs and paychecks. I've brought students into the pit with me and they are glad to see that there are many attainable avenues for music other than being a rock star. There are other ways to do things creatively and work as a professional musician with a guitar in your lap. I tell students, 'Here's what you have to know, here's what you'll get paid, here's the person who will hire you, etc.' It's not always about music theory; it's experience. In my theater lab, they're seeing the actual chart that I read in the pit from shows like The Lion King or Spamalot, for example."

Julien Kasper

Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8464

"I think that the biggest inspiration I can be to the students is to be an active, performing, recording artist. They want to know that you're out there, making your own music, being your own musician."

Jim Kelly

Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8244

"As long as we find topics that keep the student learning, we can expand what they feel they can do."

Donald P. Lappin Jr.

Assistant Professor, Guitar | 617 747-8587

"Students come to me for technique, but I want them to understand that technique is a means to an end, and that end should always be something musical."

Jeffrey Lockhart

Associate Professor, Guitar