Julien Kasper

  • Career Highlights
    • Extensive club and concert appearances in the United States and abroad
  • Education
    • B.M., University of Miami
    • M.M., University of North Texas

In Their Own Words

"I hope my students come away from my classes with a lot of inspiration to practice and to work hard. When I got to Berklee, I made a decision regarding where I was going to set myself in the Guitar Department. The blues rock, Hendrixy side of things seemed underrepresented so, despite the fact that I am also a jazz musician, I decided to stress the blues/rock aspect of my musical personality for my teaching. Now that I am well established, many students are interested in learning about the organic way I blend several styles, so jazz has once again become a large part of my private teaching. Just the same, I have made my mark as a teacher who tries to hold people accountable for rock guitar on a very, very high level."

"I think that the biggest inspiration I can be to the students is to be an active, performing, recording artist. They want to know that you're out there, making your own music, being your own musician. My professional background contributes enormously to my teaching because I have such a wide range of experience playing so many styles of gigs—from lowdown, disgusting dives in the middle of Alabama to great jazz festivals in Sweden and all points in between. I'm also in the studio, recording CDs as a side man and as a leader. All of those things factor into giving them some understanding of what's required of them in the real world."

"I think a lot of what I'm trying to do is bring a recognition of nuance and beauty and contrast that you can hear in a lot great blues and rock guitar artists—the fine details. I try to draw that to people's attention and by doing so, I hope to create musicians that will in turn go out and make music that will move me in the end."