Program Description

As a contemporary writing and production major, you’ll learn how to create and produce professional music recordings, exploring your role as a writer, producer, and conductor. Over eight semesters, while completing the college’s core music curriculum, you’ll acquire the aesthetic and technical skills required for work in a studio environment. You will work with a diverse community of musicians, faculty, and industry professional on the college’s Boston campus, with access our state of the art technology and recording facilities, combining your bachelor’s degree studies with real-world experience.

Program Details

Students majoring in contemporary writing and production study arranging, composition, scoring for media, orchestration, production techniques, and advanced notation practices, and learn to apply these skills and concepts by writing for and overseeing the production of a wide variety of instrumental, vocal, acoustic, and electronic combinations, ranging from small ensembles to orchestras in live performance situations and recording studio environments. 

Students learn contemporary concepts and techniques of arranging and sound production using digital audio workstations (DAWs), digital production suites, and their own portable laptop-based studio. Interpersonal and other situational skills develop as students work with performers, clients (i.e., instructors and other students), and studio personnel in a variety of creative settings as a music writer, conductor, and/or producer.

Students in this major have many opportunities to recognize, analyze, and evaluate the musical concepts of a wide variety of contemporary styles including electronic, jazz, Latin, pop, rock, musical theater, global music, and many others through the study of compositions and arrangements. Interacting with faculty who are also professional writers, arrangers, and producers, students develop techniques and skills that enhance their creative projects. Applying the writing and production concepts and techniques learned through this major, students complete a graduation portfolio of five pieces to demonstrate understanding of traditional and contemporary writing and production styles. 

The contemporary writing and production major develops the skills and knowledge to function as a professional writer, arranger, and producer for current and new media under a wide variety of conditions and music industry environments.


A Versatile Skill Set

The contemporary writing and production major enables students to become well-rounded musicians adept at turning concepts into music for any situation. An understanding of production technology and the mixing process becomes another part of the writer's toolkit, allowing a composer to better highlight each instrument's unique role in a composition. The dual focus of the major allows students to develop a flexible skill set that provides for limitless career possibilities in the changing music industry. 

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