Contemporary Writing and Production

The Contemporary Writing and Production Department provides many opportunities to develop and improve your composition, arranging, and production skills.

You will apply these skills by writing for and producing acoustic, electronic, and hybrid ensembles. You'll work in a wide range of creative settings, from small groups to orchestra. Whether these groups perform live or in recording studios, you'll have many opportunities to explore contemporary writing concepts, production techniques, and advanced notation practices. You will gain valuable experience using digital audio workstations (DAWs), digital production suites, and your own portable laptop-based studio. You will learn how to recognize, analyze, and evaluate musical concepts of a wide variety of contemporary styles including electronic, jazz, Latin, pop, rock, musical theater, world music, and many others. You will develop the skills and knowledge to function as a professional writer, arranger, and producer for current and new media.

The Professional Writing and Music Technology Division and the Contemporary Writing and Production Department organize a series of faculty and student concerts, showcasing their compositions and arrangements. A series of prestigious awards and tuition credits are given to our most meritorious students in both the fall and spring semesters.

CWP Major Declaration Requirements, Effective Spring 2016

Students who want to declare CWP as their major starting in spring 2016 and going forward are subject to the new CWP Major Declaration policy, as indicated below:

1.  Students who have declared CWP as their major and received a grade of B or better in each of the following classes may continue in the major:

  • MTEC-111
  • AR-111
  • HR-112

2.  Students who do not receive a grade of B or better in each of these classes, but whose grades are higher than D, will be removed from the major and deregistered from CWP concentrate-specific classes. They must then meet the following requirements to redeclare the major:

  • For MTEC-111: Students must take another technology class (such as MTEC- 112, MP-110, EP-210, EP-225 or EP-250), and get a grade of B or better. Students who do not receive a grade of B or better need to see the department chair.
  • For AR-111 and HR-112: Students must receive a grade of B or better in AR-112: Arranging 2. Students who do not receive a grade of B or better need to see the department chair. Do not retake AR-111 and HR-112; see the chair before registering.

3.  Students who receive a D in any of these classes (MTEC-111, AR-111, HR-112) must repeat that class before redeclaring the major.

The deadline to declare the major for any given semester is the Friday of check-in week.


Contact CWP chair Andrea Pejrolo (

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