Bernardo Hernandez

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  • Career Highlights
    • Alumnus, Music Conservatory Jose Angel Lamas, Caracas, Venezuela
    • Diploma, Berklee College of Music
    • Performances with Soledad Bravo; Vicky Carr; ChekerĂ©; Tito Gomez; Humano; Antonio Lauro; Israel Lopez; Victor Mendoza; Pablo Milanes; Dan Moretti; the Pampero Studio Orchestra; the Pan-American and Palladium 51 big bands; Los Pleneros del Coco; Tito Puente, Jr.; Pete “El Conde” Rodriguez; Oscar Stagnaro; Cecilia Todd; Bebo Valdez; Roberto Vizcaino; and Nancy Wilson
    • Composer, arranger, and producer of music for Radio Caracas TV musicals, WCVB Boston talk show Aqui, jingles, and arrangements for singers and orchestras in Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico, and the U.S.
    • Recordings as a leader for CBS and Polydor

In Their Own Words

"Learning to write music involves both the 'school approach' and the 'street approach'—just talking to people you're working with. I was influenced by teachers who were excellent writers and at the same time great musicians, and I was always asking them a lot of questions."

"Writing music and teaching complement each other. I need to focus on my teaching duties, but at the same time I have to keep producing in order to bring new ideas into the classroom. I like to bring my work in progress into the class. Also, I've got a few good friends who come to my class every time they're playing in town. Or they send me arrangements or compositions that sometimes I bring to class because I think they will be interesting to share with students."

"I encourage my students to do their homework as though they are going to use it as a professional somehow, somewhere. You never know. I show my students examples of assignments I did when I was a student that I still use. When I get ideas, I go back to my archives, and I can often put together whole songs very quickly."

"Just recently I went to the studio to record my ensemble. A former student I haven't seen in years, who's now a recording engineer, was doing my recording session. And she was using in the session all the information she remembered from my classes. Things like that—that's the beauty of this job."