Contemporary Writing and Production Faculty

Tsunenori "Lee" Abe | 617-747-8068

"I think you can learn the most by analyzing what you like. Why do I like it? Let's try to imitate at first and then make it our own."

Kurt Biederwolf

"Just as influential musicians have defined their unique instrumental or vocal sound, we push our students to define and develop their own electronic signature and use this to gain recognition in the music field."

Sharon Broadley-Martin

Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses)

"The range of possible commercial settings for using singers is vast: anything from slickly produced jingles to childrens' voices for cartoon theme songs to background harmonies and riffing in pop, R&B, and soul bands."

Joe Carrier | 617-747-2403

"I desire to leave my students with a renewed sense of what is possible for their future, armed with the knowledge and tools necessary to 'live the dream,' much as I have had the honor of doing for so many years."

Jon Chase | 617-747-8204

"To me, the recording studio is a musical instrument. You need to spend time with it: learn how to caress it to get the right sounds out of it."

Suzanne Dean

Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617-747-8431

"When you are in the process of creating music, it's exciting to feel the adrenaline and passion that come from within. But when it's all done and out there, if you manage to reach into the hearts and souls of other people from all over the world, this is one of the ultimate rewards."

Robert Doezema | 617-747-8449

"The students bring music that's important to them to the classroom, and they bring their ideas about making music to the classroom. It's an incredibly informative experience for me."

Bill Elliott

Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617-747-2859

"I encourage students to practice on me and think of me as their first client: I want them to let me know who they are and what they have to offer."

Michael Farquharson

"I tell my graduating students, 'In several weeks, you'll be out there, starting your careers. If you're writing film scores, your competition is John Williams, not the person sitting beside you in class.'"

Jerry Gates

Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617-747-8411

"It's important to keep searching all your life for new ideas and concepts. The discoveries move you forward to a deeper understanding of the language of music."

Rich Grudzinski

"I've been in the writing and production business for a long time, and I continue to take projects and challenges on. I still work and do the things I teach, so I can tell students firsthand what's it's like in the business."

Bernardo Hernandez | 617-747-8321

"Writing music and teaching complement each other. I need to focus on my teaching duties, but at the same time I have to keep producing in order to bring new ideas into the classroom."

David Howard | 617-747-8234

"Conducting a rehearsal, there's a technique to it, going in and being assertive, but being a director, not a dictator."

Michael Johnson

Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617-747-6050

"That's what I love about Berklee, that we're teaching real world skills instead of conceptual things that they're never going to end up using when they get out of here."


Manuel Kaufmann | 617-747-6241

"The ultimate goal is to prepare the students to function effectively at Berklee, but even more in their professional life after Berklee, turning roadblocks and limitations into creative solutions and building life long learning and adapting skills."

Wendy L. Klein | 617-747-8476

"Understanding the conventions makes everyone's life easier: people will read your music more accurately and have a more enjoyable time doing it."

Javier Limón

Artistic Director of Mediterranean Music Institute, Contemporary Writing and Production
Also affiliated with: Mediterranean Music Institute | 617-747-6255

Javier Limón has combined several professional occupations in the worlds of art and communication. Although he has mainly focused on composition and the production of albums, film scores, and television shows, his work as a communicator and teacher is equally impressive.

Gail McArthur-Browne

"I've had some horrible experiences just because I'm a female, but I've never let it tarnish my picture of other musicians, whether they be male or female."

Renato Milone | 617-747-6509

"I really want my students to never forget that music is not only rules, standards, competition, etcetera, but it is above all—a form of art."

Daniel Moretti

Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617-747-8453

"I try to give students the life skills to allow them to do anything in the music world."

Andrea Pejrolo

Also affiliated with: Berklee Online (available courses) | 617-747-8437

Andrea Pejrolo is a MIDI programmer, composer, bassist, and author of Creative Sequencing Techniques for Music Production (2005) and Acoustic and MIDI Orchestration for the Contemporary Composer (2007). 

Jeff Perry | 617-747-8689

"I try to relate the class topics to real-life situations, what I had to go through, what I did professionally. This is the project that I want you to do, these are the guidelines. I'm the client, you're the artist. This is your job."

Mark Poniatowski

"I always encourage my students not to work on what they already know. I tell them, 'You don't want to go out the door just knowing the same thing you came in knowing.'"

Ron Reid | 617-747-8331

"Music is about experiencing it—getting to know people personally and learning how they develop their individual sounds."

Simone Scazzocchio

"I want my students to be aware of their musical choices, be aware that each change they apply to their melody, harmony, effect, production, mix, etc. will eventually change the final emotional delivery of the music."