Danny McIntyre

Danny McIntyre is an award-winning composer with extensive experience as a producer and academic as well. Currently an sssociate professor at Berklee College of Music, he celebrates placements on national networks and cable stations on a regular basis. On the CBS network, he receives weekly high-profile broadcasts for March Madness, NFL and SEC games, and golf, for which he was recently presented a Society of European Stage Authors and Composers (SESAC) Film and Television Award for his many network performances in 2016 and 2017.

Most recently, McIntyre worked with collaborator and friend Steve Cox on the PlayStation virtual reality (VR) shooter Farpoint, which became the highest selling VR game in history. The score won a Hollywood Music in Media award for best soundtrack and was nominated for a Jerry Goldsmith Award for best video game score of the year in 2017. McIntyre also recently coauthored a textbook, published by Routledge Publishing, on commercial composition and production called The Craft of Contemporary Commercial Music. When he isn't composing or producing music, he loves to spend time with his wife and two children.

  • Career Highlights
    • At Unified Sounds, composer, producer, publisher, and chief creative officer 
    • With Steve Cox, composer of the score for Sony PlayStation VR game Farpoint and of the music for three video game trailers for the game Depth in 2015
    • Producer for RRHOT Publishing
    • Compositions include weekly national placements on the CBS network, show opener for PGA Championship 2016, thematic bumper music for the Masters 2016, show opener for the Masters Highlight Show 2014 and 2015, show opener for 2013 Sun Bowl, and a series of five short pieces for the Lone Star Brass Quintet with the premiere live to air in Midland, Texas, 2013
    • Coscored the web series Sex for Breakfast in 2016
    • Scored documentary for Autism Speaks, which was played at the United Nations, in 2014
    • Played piano and keyboard on two tracks on Atom's album The Lighthouse Keeper in 2014
    • Scores include various commercials for Hawaii television between the years 2008 and 2012, and a commercial for the original Barack Obama campaign, which was played at the 2008 Democratic National Convention
    • Produced, arranged and played all keyboard and guitar parts for Hawaiian artist Rose Baraquio’s Christmas album in 2006
    • Coauthored The Craft of Contemporary Commercial Music (Routledge Publishing, 2017) with Greg McCandless
  • Awards
    • 2017 Hollywood Music in Media award for best original score for Sony PlayStation VR game Farpoint (with Steve Cox)
    •  2017 honorable mention for Jerry Goldsmith Award for best soundtrack for Sony PlayStation VR game Farpoint (with Steve Cox)
    •  2017 SESAC Network Television Performance Award for Golf on CBS 
    •  2008 Fritz Hart Memorial Scholarship/Graduate Composer of the Year from the University of Hawaii 
    •  2005–2009 full tuition waiver/graduate assistantship from the University of Hawaii 
    •  2003 Robert Levi Award in Composition from Berklee College of Music 
    •  1996 Phi Sigma Honors Society, Five Towns College 
  • Education
    • Ph.D., University of Hawaii, composition, 2009
    • M.M., Boston University, composition, 2005
    • B.M., Berklee College of Music, film scoring and composition, magna cum laude, 2003
    • A.S., Five Towns College, jazz piano performance, 1996

In Their Own Words

"I want students to walk away from each class feeling inspired to create, work, collaborate, jam, and everything in between. As educators, I feel it is our number one responsibility to encourage and motivate."

"My professional experience absolutely informs my approach to the classroom environment. It is important that students see the practicality of what we teach. When a publisher or client asks me for something specific, I often find a way to create an assignment based on those requirements and explain to students that this is exactly what they should expect out there. I try to tie in reality no matter how abstract a topic may be, which generally isn’t too difficult in our field." 

"In the end, success in music is often determined by a person’s level of musicianship, tech flexibility, and personality. All of these topics are exercised in class."