Scoring for Advertising

CW-361, EP-322, SW-362, or FS-303
Electable by: 
CWPR, ELPD, FILM, and SONG majors
Required of: 
CWPR majors
Semesters Offered: 
Fall, Spring, Summer
Boston Campus
Courses may not be offered at the listed location(s) each semester. Consult for specific term availability.

A study of the creative, technical, production, and business aspects of writing music for visual media, primarily television commercials. Content includes the creative process: reacting to emotion and mood of visuals, supporting the picture with appropriate music, stylistic considerations, compressing/expanding musical ideas, and hitting visual cues. Production aspects include various approaches to shaping the musical product to support the creative direction that has been chosen or provided. Exploration of sound design (incorporation of sound effects into music tracks) and technical aspects of timings, film editing influences, frame-counting, and synchronization. Business aspects: working with producers and directors, taking direction, selling ideas, and general and contractual obligations that modify the creative process. Various projects and assignments in writing music in different moods, styles, and lengths, that support and enhance visuals. Most creative work will be realized at MIDI workstations using a MIDI sequencing program and video software; students must have a strong working knowledge of MIDI systems and sequencing programs.

Course chair: 
Andrea Pejrolo