Groove Writing

AR-111, ET-112, HR-112, and MTEC-111
Electable by: 
Required of: 
CWPR majors
Semesters Offered: 
Fall, Spring, Summer
Boston Campus
Inside Berklee Courses (Online)
Courses may not be offered at the listed location(s) each semester. Consult for specific term availability.

Expanding on the material introduced in AR-111, this course focuses on creating and writing grooves for the rhythm section (guitar, keyboard, bass, percussion, and drums) and the ways in which different grooves work together. Original techniques and practical approaches to creating grooves will be presented, as well as methods to refine and create variations in grooves and scoring with production goals in mind. Styles studied include funk, hip-hop, rock, reggae, and ska; Latin styles, including bossa, samba, salsa, cha-cha, songo, and baion; shuffle, as used in rock, blues, and funk; generic dance grooves such as techno; and pop and Euro-pop. Projects will include transcription, sequencing, and live performance of grooves.

Course chair: 
Andrea Pejrolo