Careers in Professional Music

Montse Carty

Name: Montse Carty

Major at Berklee: Professional Music

Graduation Date: 2004

Professional Title: Artist and Label Relations Curator

Employer: Pandora Radio

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Performing artist, theater musician, general business band member, accompanist, soloist, studio/session/recording musician (television film, recordings, demos, jingles), orchestral player, background vocalist

Music Education

Public or private school music teacher, music education supervisor, private instructor, choir director, college/conservatory/university, music educator

Music Production & Engineering

Producer (studio, film, television, radio), engineer, music/rerecording mixer (film and video), audio engineer (video), post-production engineer, digital remastering engineer, studio manager/owner

Electronic Production and Design

Programmer (patches and special effects), performing synthesist, sound designer, software consultant, sequencer (live performance and studio work), MIDI technician (live performance and studio work)

“You’ve got to be passionate, work hard, and never stop learning!” - Montse Carty


Performing songwriter, staff writer, songwriter/producer, jingle writer (radio and television), lyricist, composer, stage musical librettist, theme specialist (film and television)

Film Scoring

Film composer, music editor, film arranger/adaptor, film music orchestrator, conductor, music supervisor/director, theme specialist

Contemporary Writing & Production

Composer, arranger/adaptor, orchestrator, jingle writer, copyist, transcriber, conductor, film scorer, producer

Jazz Composition

Composer, arranger/adaptor, orchestrator, jingle writer, copyist, editor (publishing), transcriber, conductor, teacher/educator


Composer, arranger/adaptor, orchestrator, editor (publishing), teacher/educator, conductor

Music Business/Management

Booking agent, business manager, concert promoter, personal manager/agent, music publisher, retail sales/management, record company executive, entrepreneur, tour coordinator, public relations/publicist

Music Therapy

Music therapist, expressive arts therapist, rehabilitation specialist, recreation therapist, consultant