Professional Music Faculty

Jimena Bermejo-Black

Assistant Professor, Professional Music

"I want students to feel more comfortable in their own bodies, to have heightened self-esteem, new friends, and a connection and understanding of musicality and movement."

Kenn Brass | 617 747-2416

"We want to build solid musicians who are going to go out and make a living, and we want it by way of what we do: music."

Cristi Catt

Assistant Professor, Professional Music | 617 747-6613

"I hope my students come away with a heightened sense of their own possibility, with a deeper connection to their physical body and breath, and with inspiration to look at life creatively."

Linda Gorham | 617 747-8316

"My courses are hands-on. You learn, you do. The students definitely want to know how to handle their money. They ask a lot of questions, good questions, because the subject matter is off-topic—it's not music."

Sean P. Hagon | 617 747-6926

"I want students to be able to have the freedom to explore and feel inspired. Most importantly, I want students to come away with feeling what they have learned is relevant, real-world-based knowledge that they can immediately apply, tempered with an entrepreneurial spirit to continue to learn and adapt throughout their career."

Tom Stein | 617 747-8361


"The question I often will ask students is 'How will you see a return on your investment of time and money in coming to Berklee? 

How do you intend to realize artistic fulfillment and attain self-actualization? What is it that's going to make you feel fulfilled and happy in your career?' There are techniques related to these issues that are teachable. Some of these techniques have to do with marketing. You need strategies for reaching your prospective audience and for presenting yourself effectively to the right people in the industry. Our students are also strongly focused on learning the techniques involved in creating good music. There is a place where these techniques intersect, and I try to help students see it and visualize their niche, where they fit in."