Studying songwriting at Berklee, you will focus on melody writing, harmonic techniques, and lyric structure as you develop your unique musical identity with insight and guidance from the best contemporary songwriting faculty in the world. The curriculum also emphasizes modern writing practices like collaboration and production as well as performance and career paths. If you have something to say with your music, Berklee's Songwriting Department is the place to learn how to express yourself with the utmost musical and lyrical poignancy and impact.

Beyond the classroom, Berklee's Songwriting Department offers opportunities to meet professional songwriters, music industry professionals, and representatives from various songwriting associations via an annual trip to the heart of the recording industry in Nashville, Tennessee. Performing songwriters have ample opportunity to play with and for fellow students at assorted open mic nights, Battle of the Bands events, and more. We invite you to explore this site for more information, or email us at

Check out Berklee Songwriting Department alumna Amy Allen's story.

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