BTB Remote Fall 2020 Savings

We understand the challenging economic situations so many are facing as a result of the pandemic and have worked hard to find extensive cost savings for our students so they can enroll this fall as planned without disruption to their educational progress. As we informed you in June, we will eliminate our 3.45 percent tuition increase planned for this year and waive our comprehensive fee for students who enroll this fall. We are deeply appreciative of the faculty, staff, and administrators who made financial sacrifices and, in some cases, accepted significant salary cuts to enable this tuition freeze and help our students.

We will provide a one-time Back to Berklee Remote Learning Grant of $2,500 to all full-time degree students, not to exceed tuition, to help allow investments in equipment, instruments, software, technology, and space rental, or simply to offset total tuition in this fully remote semester. This represents a savings of 17 percent compared to the original fall 2020 rates.

Additionally, students enrolling full time in fall 2020 are eligible for two tuition-free credit-bearing courses (up to six credits) toward their degree program requirements in summer 2021. Taken together, these initiatives amount to an almost 60 percent savings for our students. We offer this additional support to give an in-person, experiential program of study to complement the remote fall experience.

These examples below illustrate cost savings for both College and Conservatory students, focusing on our undergraduate and graduate full- and part-time populations, as well as our diploma and certificate program students.

For a complete and tailored understanding of cost savings specific to individual students, please contact our student financial services team:, +1 617-747-2274.

Berklee College of Music

Boston Conservatory at Berklee

*Course credit for summer 2021 will be added to the student account for summer 2021 upon registration for summer 2021 courses.
**Part-time example based on standard per-credit fee; per-credit private lesson fee varies.