Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How can I find out how my child is doing at Berklee?

Call your child and ask. Don't be afraid to ask how it is going. While all students seek to become more independent as they attend college, they want to know that you are still there for them. Encourage your son or daughter to tell you about the progress made each semester. If you feel they are struggling socially or academically, encourage them to contact the Counseling and Advising Center. Counselors help students with a variety of academic, personal, and career issues. All services are confidential and at no cost to the student.

Grades are posted online for the students to view with their password, typically a few weeks after the end of each semester. For more information see Tips and Hints for Supporting your Son or Daughter in the Berklee Parent Handbook.

Q: How can my son/daughter get more money to pay for school?

There are a few ways to seek additional financial assistance. Check with your local organizations, churches, Rotary Clubs, etc. Perhaps there is some assistance available for you. Also, you should fill out financial aid forms which are available in the Office of Financial Aid or online at Aid is available to those who qualify. Berklee merit-based scholarships and student employment opportunities are also available to those who qualify. For further information contact the Office of Scholarships and Student Employment at or by calling 617 747-2579 or 617 747-8681.

Q: How do I decide my son/daughter's health insurance coverage?

It is important to consider your son or daughter's routine doctor's appointments, as well as unexpected medical situations. The details of health care and insurance can be puzzling. That is why we encourage you to explore-and take the time to understand-your health insurance options before arriving in Boston. There are several things to be aware of.

Massachusetts Law requires all college students registered for at least 75% of full-time credits to be enrolled in a health insurance plan while attending school.

Should your son or daughter elect to stay with your family plan, there are several questions that they should ask your carrier:

  • Where can I be seen in Boston for routine health care?
  • Is a referral required for appointments? What is the process to obtain a referral?
  • Will I need a PCP (primary care physician) in the Boston area?
  • Where should I go for emergency care?
  • What are the financial considerations (co-pays, deductibles, etc.)?
  • How and where can my I fill existing prescriptions?
  • Does this health plan include dental care?
  • Are there any academic restrictions when using this insurance? For example, many companies cite that students must be enrolled in a full-time course load (at Berklee, at least 12 credits) in order to be eligible for coverage.

Make sure that your son or daughter carries a health insurance card with them at all times, and has a list of important information (policy number, phone numbers for questions, web sites for area referrals, etc.). We also recommend that they have a good contact person at their insurance company for reference in the future.

Lastly, if you have chronic mental or physical health concerns, we strongly encourage you to secure a PCP (primary care physician) in the Boston area before coming to Berklee.

Regardless of your health insurance selection, be sure to arrive at Berklee with the medication(s) you need. We recommend that you have prescription refills to last 3 months for medications that you take regularly.

Q: What learning support is available for students with trouble in certain classes?

Students can use the Berklee Learning Center, which offers computer-based instructional materials, peer tutoring, and other helpful resources designed for self-paced learning and facilitating class projects. Students may also receive academic advice from the Counseling and Advising Center and from the individual departments at the college. The support and resources are available to students, they simply need to reach out and ask for help. Sometimes just going to the professor's office hours is a good start!

Q: What support is available for students with disabilities or special needs?

Based on need and documentation, students are offered assistance to support a successful Berklee experience. To begin the process with a Special Services Advisor in the Counseling and Advising Center, your student should call 617 747-2310 and arrange an appointment. He or she may also visit in person by going to the Uchida building at 921 Boylston St, taking the elevator to the third floor and following signs to the Counseling & Advising Center. For more information, please visit our website.

Q: What kinds of activities or clubs are available for students outside classes?

Music education is what brings students to Berklee, but most Berklee students are interested in engaging in music and other activities outside of the classroom. From student clubs and student-run enterprises to student government and a wealth of opportunities throughout Boston, you can get involved in extracurricular activities such as Berklee’s internet radio station, the college’s entrepreneurial initiative, and an array of cultural organizations, just to name a few. There are also many health and wellness opportunities such as yoga, meditation, and fitness programs. For more information, check out Student Activities.

Q: My son/daughter has borrowed from an alternative loan program to assist with books, supplies and living expenses. When can we expect her/him to receive a refund?

The Bursar's Office will begin issuing refunds for credit balances after the third week of classes. Refunds are issued weekly and may be picked up after 3:30 p.m. each Friday in the Bursar's Office. Students can check on the status of their refund by logging onto after Wednesday of any given week to see if a refund will be available on Friday. Please realize that the first money received by the college is the money that is applied toward tuition and fees. Therefore, if your son/daughter has taken out a loan for living expenses and it arrives at the college before other financial aid moneys are received, the loan will be applied to tuition expenses. Overpayment or refunds only occur after tuition and fees have been paid.

Q: Who do I contact if I have a question about my tuition bill?

You will find the answer to this commonly asked question in the payment options section of the website. If the information you require is not available on the web, please call the Bursar's Office at 617 747-2610 or 617 747-2165 or email: For general info such as method of payment, hours of operation, mailing info, wire transfers, etc., call the "info line" at 617 747-8900.

Q: How does my son/daughter get a job when they finish at Berklee?

Berklee's Career Development Center offers students a wealth of information concerning the diversity and growing number of careers available in contemporary music. Students are encouraged to think of it as their "career work center." Trips to the center should begin as early as the third semester of enrollment to become familiar with the tools and resources in the office and the terrific staff in there who are willing to help!

Internships are a wonderful way to explore professional opportunities, and the Office of Experiential Learning, located at 899 Boylston Street, gives Berklee students a chance to do just that. Over 1,000 companies participate in the program, which assists students in gaining professional work experience.




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