Women in the U.S. Music Industry: Obstacles and Opportunities

Women in the U.S. Music Industry: Obstacles and Opportunities ReportThe Berklee Institute for Creative Entrepreneurship, the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment, and Women in Music (WIM) partnered together to create the first study of its kind in the U.S., "Women in the U.S. Music Industry: Obstacles and Opportunities."

This report presents the results of almost 2,000 responses from women to a survey administered in the summer of 2018 to examine the socioeconomic landscape of women working in the music industry across the U.S. Building upon research conducted in 2015 by Women in Music Canada, this study asked questions about demographics, employment, career challenges, job satisfaction, and opportunities for women in the workplace, among other topics. It was designed to provide a current snapshot of women working in the American music industry, expanding upon existing research on women in the music industry and providing further data for research, engagement, and advocacy. 

“We hope to tell the whole story, both the good and the bad," said Erin Barra, associate professor at Berklee and WIM board member. "This research allows individuals and employers to make informed and inclusive decisions about their careers, make choices that create a more equitable industry culture, and allows for this important dialogue to continue.”