The Office of Institutional Research and Assessment (OIRA) provides guidance and support for every area of Berklee to engage in continuous, comprehensive research and self-evaluation, as well as gathering the information required for data-driven decision-making, policy development, and strategic planning. Institutional Research and Assessment also manages the college’s external reporting needs, including governmental requirements and accreditation processes, and works to improve the quality and integrity of data collection and reporting across the college. OIRA also runs the college-wide Assessment Committee and the Berklee Institutional Review Board. 

OIRA projects include:

  • creating assessment plans of programs, cohorts, and initiatives
  • designing surveys and survey analysis
  • identifying and verifying data for reports, communications, and presentations
  • conducting peer comparisons

Reports and resources can be found by following the menu on the left, or using the links below.


Information and Resources

  • Berklee Factbook

    The Factbook is an accessible resource for official statistics on Berklee. Gathered from many areas throughout the institution, the Factbook includes data such as student enrollment trends by sex, ethnicity, and campus; number of international students by country; retention and graduation rates; information on students participating in First Year Abroad; diversity of faculty and staff, and much more. Data is shown for Berklee as a whole, as well as for each legacy institution where applicable and available. View the 2020–2021 Berklee Factbook.

  • Reports and Research

    Find reports and research that support Berklee's strategic decision making. Reports available include the Peer Comparison Report, Berklee India Exchange Participant Analysis, and Berklee Articulation Agreement Student Statistics.

  • Graduate and Alumni Surveys

    Berklee regularly administers surveys to graduating students and alumni of the institution. Surveys include the Graduating Student Exit Survey, Berklee Alumni Survey, and International Career Center Survey.

  • Student Surveys

    Students at Berklee are given many opportunities to share their experiences and thoughts with the institution. Surveys include Student Course Surveys, Valencia Master's Program Survey, Food Security at Berklee, Equity Experiences Survey, National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE), and the Noel-Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory.

  • Faculty and Staff Surveys (login required)

    Berklee surveys its faculty and staff to gain insight into how employees feel about teaching and working for the institution. Surveys include the Faculty and Staff Opinion Survey, Stay Interview, and Benefits Reports and Notices.

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