IRB Application

The IRB review of human subjects research is the process through which Berklee ensures the safe and responsible conduct of any such research carried out on behalf of the institution. Researchers, whether faculty, students, or staff, are expected to submit an application for any project that constitutes human subjects research (see the IRB home page for more information). The steps for the application process and the necessary documentation are outlined below.

  1. Complete the Protecting Human Research Participants online training course. You may complete this training module at your convenience and at your own pace. Remember that you must complete the course and print the certificate before you submit your IRB application. As of January 2019, this course is no longer offered free of cost. Please email for information about subsidizing the course fee. The course can be accessed here.
  2. Complete and submit a Berklee IRB application. The application and other helpful tools can be found below.
  3. Your application will be reviewed. Once the IRB receives your completed application, it will be reviewed, and one of three actions will be taken, all based on the relevant federal regulations (45 CFR 46). The level of review is determined by the nature of your interaction with human subjects and the use of the data obtained, and only the IRB can make this determination.
    • The IRB may determine that your research is exempt from the requirements and can proceed without further review.
    • The IRB may determine that your research can receive an expedited review by the cochairs of the board without going before the full board. If the IRB determines that your project is exempt or qualifies for expedited review, you will receive a written communication approving your research and allowing you to move forward.
    • The IRB may determine that your research should receive a full board review. If your project requires full-board approval, you will be informed of the date and time of the board meeting at which your project will be reviewed. You will be expected to attend this meeting, along with any other co-investigators contributing significant effort to the research.