Institutional Review Board (IRB) and Research Policies

The Berklee College of Music Institutional Review Board (IRB) reviews all projects defined as research that will engage with current Berklee community members as human subjects, including students, staff, and faculty, or that uses data provided by Berklee, whether research is carried out by faculty, students, staff, or an individual from an outside institution.

On this page, you will learn what research requires IRB approval, how to apply for IRB review, and how to obtain the required training for doing human subjects research. We strongly encourage researchers who are seeking approval to contact the Berklee IRB at prior to submitting your application. Please include a description of your research. 

The Berklee IRB is registered with the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Human Research Protections (OHRP), IRB00010099, Federalwide Assurance FWA00026777.

Questions? Contact

IRB Members

Alicia Bower, Associate Professor, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Mike Duggan, Associate Vice President for Institutional Research, Emerson College

Dominick Ferrara, Professor, Music Education

Erica Knowles, Associate Professor, Liberal Arts and Sciences

Sharon Kramer (IRB Chair), Dean, Institutional Research, Assessment and Accreditation

Mike Mason, Chair, Africana Studies

Judy Pinnolis, Associate Director, Instruction and Engagement

Becky Prior, Associate Director of Institutional Research

Ray Seol, Assistant Professor, Professional Music

Ruben McFarlane (IRB Administrator, Non-Voting Member), Department Coordinator, Academic Affairs


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