What We Do

BerkleeICE Startup Lab StudentsBeing an entrepreneur is a mindset, not a checklist of actions or a set of personality traits. More and more, being able to think and act like an entrepreneur is ever more critical in today's fast changing media and creative industries environments.

Developing the entrepreneurial mindset among our students, faculty, and alumni is at the heart of every BerkleeICE activity, including: 

  • the new minor in creative entrepreneurship for musicians, performers, producers, engineers, and composers;
  • online and on-campus courses that use music and academic collaboration as the catalysts for creative innovation;
  • immersive week-long programs, such as the Silicon Valley Student Trip and our Creative Entrepreneurship Summer Program;
  • research projects aimed at rethinking the future of music; 
  • sponsored internships at industry-leading companies;
  • events, including the Creative Entrepreneurs Conversations series with successful innovators, disrupters, and entrepreneurs; and
  • the BerkleeICE Incubator, a space for mentorship and development of new ideas emerging from the Berklee community.

Like any good startup, our programs and activities are always evolving. Call it life in "permanent beta."