Services and Functions

The Public Safety Department provides a variety of services and functions to maintain a safe and secure environment for our community.  Requests for assistance are dealt with in the order of their urgency and/or as staffing allows.  


Safety Escorts

The Department will provide walking safety escorts to the Berklee community (students, faculty, staff) within the range dictated below.  The fulfillment of this service is subject to proper staffing levels at the time requested.  Requests: Any member of the Berklee community, who wishes to request a safety escort, can do so by any of these means:

  1. Call the Public Safety Control Center at 617-747-2682.
  2. Request in person directly to any uniformed Public Safety personnel

Range: The range for the safety escort will be limited to approximately one-half mile from the 150 Massachusetts Ave. building. For reference, the following cross streets will be used as a guideline:

  • North – Massachusetts Ave. and Beacon Street
  • South - Massachusetts Ave. and Huntington Ave
  • East – Boylston Street and Exeter Ave.
  • West – Boylston Street and Charlesgate Bridge

Keys and Locks

The key and lock program, including the creation, distribution, and tracking of mecahnical keys, is the maintained by Public Safety. Requests for key duplication or lock replacement/maintenance should be submitted through Physical Plant's work order system. More information can be obtained by contacting Lance Finamore at 617-747-2587 or

Door Unlocks

The Public Safety Department will, upon request, open doors for members of the community who have legitimate use of the area. The person making the request must have a valid Berklee ID card and be present at the time of the unlock. Requests can be made in person to any Public Safety officer or by calling the Control Center at 617-747-2682. 

Lost and Found

Public Safety maintains the lost and found program for the college and will attempt to return any items to their owners. Items can be turned over to any Public Safety officer, and the items are securely stored inside the Control Center (basement of 155 Mass Ave.) which operates 24/7 (phone 617-747-2682).  Public Safety maintains the right to remove items from storage that are of low value or have not been claimed. If you have any general questions regarding the program, please contact Joanne Markis at 617-747-2707 or

Lunch with the Chief

In an effort to keep in immediate touch with the college community, the Chief wants to regularly meet with students, one on one (chief’s treat). The only catch is that students need to have one suggestion for how the Berklee Public Safety Department can improve its policing, crime prevention initiatives, activities, services, programs, or any other facet of the department.

Any student may request lunch with the chief. If you are interested, simply send an email to and send the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your ID number
  • Your email address
  • Your phone number
  • A preferred date, time, and on-campus location for lunch.

Please note: appointments are only available between 11:00 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. The chief will contact you via email or phone to schedule a date and time.


Emergency Response

Public Safety will appropriately respond to reports of crimes or other emergencies.


Public Safety has a robust and advanced camera system throughout the campus. These high-quality cameras capture live events and record them in case later review is needed. Public Safety uses this tool for both internal investigations as well as assisting external agencies.    


Public Safety appropriately investigates all crime and policy violations brought to the department's attention in order to attempt to bring each matter to closure.


Public Safety officers maintain a visible presence by continually patrolling the campus. This is done to ensure the safety of the community with the aims of identifying unsafe conditions, preventing unauthorized access, and preventing theft and vandalism.

Parking Enforcement

Due to the very limited parking in the area, Berklee Public Safety is responsible for enforcing the parking regulations on Berklee property. Only authorized parkers are allowed in designated spaces. Any vehicles not authorized to park in these spots will be towed at the owner's expense.