Berklee College of Music (“Berklee” or the “College”) has substantial and meaningful ties to the community surrounding the Berklee campus. For this reason, even though the entire campus comprises the College’s private property, most outdoor areas and some buildings on campus are, in a general sense and during normal business hours, “open to the public.”

At the same time, the College is committed to safeguarding the people who learn, research, live, work, and visit campus; to ensuring the safe operation of College activities; and to protecting College assets. The College thus can and does restrict access to buildings and some outdoor areas during non-business hours.

In addition, from time to time, the College exercises its right as a private landowner or operator to deny access to some or all College property after a reasoned determination has been made that a person has engaged, or is likely to engage, in criminal activity or other behavior that is deemed to actually or potentially be of a threatening or violent nature, which otherwise interferes with a person’s ability to study, work, or live at Berklee, or which otherwise interferes with the College’s operation. 

Safety Escort Policies

Lost and Found Policies

Bicycle Pavilion Policies